Did you know, in addition to The Relationship Bible for Anxiety, I’m also the author of two young adult novels! Just click the photos to find out more about each book!


Katie Tomlin has worked for the United Angels Organization for the past three years. She’s lived all over the world with her team, working to enhance impoverished communities. 

Next up, Jamaica!

Her first night there, she stumbles upon an intriguing and intimidating local; Cameron, and she can’t seem to get him out of her mind. She quickly learns that he is an active member of the Diabolos – the most dangerous, active gang in the Caribbean, known for its murderous actions and its involvement in a drug war that has lasted for decades. 

Katie is warned to stay away from Cam, but when she learns that his nephew attends the school she now works at, she realizes that it will be much harder than she ever expected. It seems that at every attempt to stay away from Cam, she is only drawn closer. 

Now, Katie must decide if risking her own life is worth a shot at an irresistible, breath-taking, life-changing kind of love. 


image001Twenty-two year old Lucy Branson and her cousin Ben have been watching their best friend Khloe gush over Josh O’conner for three years now.

The only problem is that Khloe and Josh met online and have never met in person. Khloe is determined to finally meet the young man that metaphorically swept her off her feet and find out if he is who he says he is.

Worried for Khloe’s safety, Lucy and Ben join Khloe on a road trip down Route 66 to Santa Monica, California to finally have the answers that they’ve all been looking for.

Relationships are created, crushed, and mended as the trio makes their way across the country. With numerous pit-stops and speed bumps along the way, Lucy learns a lot of truths about her best friends, and even more importantly, she learns the truth about herself.

Lucy’s loyalty and strength are tested throughout her journey from losing the girl she thought she should be, and finding the woman that she’s meant to be.



Relationship anxiety is a form of anxiety that I’ve struggled with for years, and it has affected my life in more ways than you can imagine.

This is a downloadable guidebook meant to be referred to whenever an anxiety trigger strikes in your relationship. This is a combination of everything I have learned over the years to improve my own relationships. These tips, tricks, and pieces of advice have worked for me, and they’ll work for you, too! 

This isn’t to say that your current relationship or future relationships will ever be perfect because they won’t, but this guidebook will help you understand your partner, change your negative and damaging mindset, and learn how to be the best partner you possibly can be for the sake of your relationship, and for the sake of your own happiness! My last chapter focuses completely on self-love and care and the importance of both.