The Relationship Bible for Anxiety

Relationship anxiety is a form of anxiety that I’ve struggled with for years, and it has affected my life in more ways than you can imagine. Well, unless you suffer as well, then you definitely understand! If you’re not sure, see if any of these traits sound familiar…

  • You get jealous easilygreen
  • You always fear the worst
  • You take things very personally
  • You tend to be needy, clingy, & possessive
  • You act controlling & like a parent to your partner
  • You struggle to maintain your own independence while in a relationship
  • You get upset when your partner goes out with his friends
  • You get upset when his life doesn’t revolve around you
  • You struggle to give him space
  • You have trust issues
  • You’re an overthinker
  • You’re insecure and have low confidence
  • You struggle to practice self-love

These are just a few of the topics that I cover in The Relationship Bible, plus so much more! This is a downloadable guidebook meant to be referred to whenever an anxiety trigger strikes in your relationship. This is a combination of everything I have learned over the years to improve my own relationships. These tips, tricks, and pieces of advice have worked for me, and they’ll work for you, too! 

This isn’t to say that your current relationship or future relationships will ever be perfect because they won’t, but this guidebook will help you understand your partner, change your negative and damaging mindset, and learn how to be the best partner you possibly can be for the sake of your relationship, and for the sake of your own happiness! My last chapter focuses completely on self-love and care and the importance of both. 

Grab The Relationship Bible for Anxiety here for only $4.99!