Interested In Becoming An Affiliate of The Balanced Belles?

*This page is only for affiliates of The Relationship Bible for Anxiety*

Being an affiliate of The Balanced Belles means that you fell in love with my product and you’re interested in earning money by promoting it yourself! If you read my short eBook and you truly loved it, you can sign up to become an affiliate. You’ll receive your own code to give to others. If they buy the book using your code, they’ll get 15% off the eBook, and you’ll receive a 10% commision off of every book sold using your code! 

Affiliate Rules:

  • You MUST purchase the eBook yourself and honestly be a fan of it. I do not believe in promoting a product to others that you don’t truly find beneficial yourself. If you did not find it beneficial to you, you may not become an affiliate of the product.
  • You may not promote The Balanced Belles’ products(s) as your own or on a website or page that restricts advertisements. 
  • You may not share ANY of the information provided in this eBook with others. The only information that may be shared is the information I provided on my Shop page; table of contents, cover photo, and the sample chapter provided. 
  • You will be paid after making your first $5.00, and then you will continue to receive your payment for every $5 increment made. If you do not make the required commision, you will receive your payout 6 months after becoming an affiliate. 
  • You will be paid using PayPal only. Please provide your PayPal email in the comment section of the signup form below. 

By filling out the form below, you automatically consent to follow all affiliate rules and conditions, even without written or digital consent. 

In the form, please provide your full name, PayPal email, website URL, and any social media accounts you will be using to promote the product and any specific ideas you have for promotion. 

Thank you for being a reader & an affiliate! I look forward to working with you!