How Pregnancy Has Improved My Mental Health

Relationship anxiety; one of my personally most prominent forms of anxiety.

You would think pregnancy, especially my first while bringing so many drastic life changes would be absolutely nothing but stressful to my mental health. You would think with my level of anxiety it would be really scary and damaging to my mental state, but ironically, it’s been the opposite.

While pregnancy has added stress to my life in terms of time, finances, and motherhood, overall, it hasn’t brought me down mentally. It has made me SO MUCH stronger. I have had to do a lot of mental fighting (link to no support) over the past almost 5 months, and it’s been one hell of a ride, but I can honestly say that it is crafting me into an even more strong, intelligent, resilient, and wonderful woman and I know that it will only make me a better mother to my son.

While it has boosted my mental health overall, this post is meant to focus on my relationship anxiety. While my anxiety has certainly not disappeared, bringing a little one into this world has eased the anxiety and made me look at my relationship and my anxiety in a different light. Knowing that I know have something on my plate that will require so much time, patience, effort, and love has allowed me to focus my energy on my pregnancy and allow my irrational anxieties to slip thru the cracks and fade away. My pregnancy has by no means been a cure, but it has refocused my priorities which is extremely hard to do when you suffer from anxiety on a regular basis.

Knowing what a wonderful father my boyfriend is going to be to our son has really helped, as well. Instead of completely focusing on nagging jealousy over him having a conversation with another female, I’ve become more focused on him rubbing and talking to my stomach, or something of the sort. Instead of focusing on him going out his friends and all the things my anxiety convinces me are going to happen, I’m focused on our conversation about baby things or the memory of him tearing up at the first sound of baby’s heartbeat.

Of course, the anxious feelings may still linger, but the rational mindset is much more prominent now! I’ve calmed down and this has allowed me to push away some of that anxiety and reprogram my mind for happiness, relaxation, and pure joy out of all the wonderful things I know life is bringing me. I don’t want to sound like I magically turned my thoughts around, but it just kind of happened naturally during this time, and for that, I am so grateful.

I also owe this natural change to my practice with the law of attraction, as well. While I am still working very hard to keep the LOA implemented in my life, it has already done so much for me and I know it will continue to change my life into the life I once thought I could only dream about.

If you’re interested in learning more about my experience with the law of attraction, you can check out my archive here!

Do you use the LOA in your life?
Have you been pregnant?
Did it affect your health more positively or negatively?


4 thoughts on “How Pregnancy Has Improved My Mental Health

  1. I had a much different experience during my pregnancy! My anxiety truly ratcheted up. I was so worried about my daughter. Postpartum was awful too. I am so glad you’re having an easier time of it than I did. Good luck!

    1. Thanks for the comment, Melanie! I am a little nervous about postpartum. In addition to anxiety, I also suffer from depression so I do believe I have a pretty high risk of it after birth. But, I know it will be so worth it!

      1. Make sure your OB knows about your depression and mental health. And for me, sleep deprivation is a huge trigger for my depression, so if you have anyone who can watch your newborn while you nap, please take advantage.

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