How I’m Raising​ My Vibration to Get Right With The Universe

Your vibration, or your energy, can change your life. It directs your path, and it really dictates who you are, the people you have in your life and the opportunities that come your way. Your energy makes up every fiber of your being, so it is unbelievably important to preserve that energy and to keep it high at all times through self-love and self-care. In addition to self-love & care, I wanted to share 4 different techniques that I use to raise my vibration and keep it there!

The Secret – Money App

A while ago, I came across The Secret – Money App. It’s from the film, the Secret, and it focuses specifically on manifesting money into your life. Each day, you get a virtual check that gets deposited into your bank account, and you have the opportunity to spend each day’s check on anything you want! Just type it in. Then, you get to keep track all the money you’ve manifested in every form. Through payment, through coincidence, refunds, discounts, or even a friend paying for your meal. That is all manifested money! Keep track of it and thank the universe, so it delivers even more!

Lastly, you are also provided with a minimum of 20 affirmations to read per day and a mini daily inspiration. It is honestly so much fun, and it keeps me focused on being positive and manifesting the life I dream of. 

Gratitude List

I don’t have a fancy notebook because I want my list with me at all times. My gratitude list began as a way to help with my relationship anxiety, but it quickly turned into a list of every single little thing I should be showing gratefulness for in every aspect of my life from finding a penny on the street to an awesome conversation I had with my boyfriend, to an anxiety-free day! I have a place to really focus on all of the positives instead of focusing on the negative!

Thought Correction

Thought correction is really powerful, and it can make a big difference in your manifestation powers. When a negative thought comes into my mind, I do my best to switch it to a positive even if I don’t believe it at the time.


You remember that line from Girls’ Trip, “I am strong, I am powerful, I am beautiful” that Ryan is constantly repeating when things get hard. That’s an affirmation! It’s something you say continuously to build yourself up and manifest certain things or feelings into your life. I use the affirmations from my app and just positive reminders that resonate with me specifically. Your words, thoughts, and emotions, WILL manifest so use positive ones!


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