7 Ways to Start Dating Yourself!

While I do write a lot about relationships with significant others on my blog, I also love to talk about self-love & care, which is definitely way more important! It’s actually the first step towards a healthy relationship! 

But today we’re just here to focus on dating YOU whether you have a significant other or not! 

You must always come first in terms of self-love and care. 

Treat yourself to a date once in a while

“Date night” is important in a relationship, right? Well, it’s also important in your relationship with yourself! Go grab something to eat, go on a little shopping spree at the mall, or go get your hair or nails done. Do something that you enjoy, and go do it all by yourself. 

Get all dressed up for yourself

Before you see your boyfriend do you usually make sure your hair is in place, your makeup is just right, and you’re all shaved and clean? Most likely! (Not always, of course) You want to look sexy for him, but it’s usually not for you. Make it about you for once! Do whatever you’ve gotta do to boost that confidence and look sexy. 

Give yourself a gift

If I see my boyfriend’s favorite snack, team logo, or a cute card I like to pick it up for him. Little gifts are a really nice reminder that you were thinking of your partner, but spend that money on you this time! Buy yourself some flowers or a piece of clothing you’ve been wanting. Spoil you because you deserve it!

Write yourself a note or a letter

Need a little pick-me-up? Before bed, leave yourself a note to wake up to in the morning. It might sound corny, but it really can be useful. Remind yourself how great you are, and what you deserve. 

Spend quality time… by yourself!

Quality time is just as important for your relationship with yourself as it is for your relationship with your partner. Stay in and do something that makes you happy and learn to be comfortable with that alone. This can help improve anxiety and codependency, as well!

Cuddle with yourself

Get all cozy and snug in some warm pajamas, some slippers, and some heavy blankets or even a weighted blanket for anxiety! Pregnancy pillows (whether you’re actually pregnant or not) are perfect for getting cozy! 

Be kind to yourself

Generally, we treat our significant others really well. (Minus those fights here and there – none of us are perfect!) Treat yourself with as much compassion, love, and understanding as you would your significant other. I find that I forgive my SO easier for a mistake than I do myself. It’s important to have the correct mindset and learn to love yourself. 

Love yourself like you’re madly in love, and eventually, you will be!


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