How To Use The Law of Attraction To Improve Your Relationship

Relationships are a finicky thing in life, and if you know me or you’re a regular reader of the blog, you know I’m kind of fascinated by relationships, mostly because I struggle with anxiety and find relationships to be unbelievably difficult. Married for 50 years? How does the happen? What’s normal? What’s not? It’s all a lot for my brain to handle, but at the same time, I absolutely LOVE it. It’s just so interesting to me.

So now, throw my relationship anxiety, codependency, and pregnancy hormones into one big pot, and you’ve got yourself a hot mess!

I’ve been working really hard on handling general stress, pregnancy stress, the stress of two jobs, and just the stress that is brought on naturally by my anxiety and my mental health, and I’ll admit, it’s pretty damn hard; not only on me, but on my boyfriend, as well. We’re both under a lot of stress and pressure as we prepare for such huge life changes and that’s made it difficult to spend sufficient time together, and give each other (especially me) adequate attention and love. It really feels like there’s a barrier there and when you’re expecting a little one together, the last thing you want to feel is distance from your partner. This is a time we need each other most!

I started doing some thinking about how I could really focus my energy on making changes and improvements in my own relationship considering all the craziness going on around us, and then I realized… I’ve been focusing on the law of attraction in every other aspect of my life, except my relationship! I’ve used the law of attraction in my pregnancy, my job, my finances, my living situation, and more! So why not in my relationship?

I’ll admit, using the law of attraction in my relationship is one of the hardest things for me to do because my relationship anxiety is really severe and fighting it off is SO HARD! But, it does get easier to do as time goes on and as I see the positive changes in my life!

So, here are my top 4 tips on how to improve your relationship using the law of attraction:

Keep a positive mindset

As most of us know, the key to the law of attraction being successful is maintaining a positive mindset. If your anxiety is triggered by the idea that you’re boyfriend is going out tonight, for example,  just pretend, PRETEND, that everything is fine. With every ounce of your being, fake it. Tell yourself and the universe that your SO is really going to miss you tonight and even though he’ll have a great time, he’s gonna be happy to come home to you because you’re doing so great! If you keep a positive outlook on the situation and let the universe know what’s up, it’ll have no choice but to give you that outcome in return.

Keep disagreements civil and calm

Those with anxiety tend to go a little nuts (I’m one of them) with their words during arguments. I literally throw accusations and “make points” that don’t even make sense just because my anxiety has me so jumbled up in a little ball of anxious fear. Speaking those negative words and accusations only brings more negativity into your relationship, and it’s a nasty downward spiral that it really tough to climb out of. When a disagreement does arise, work on keeping calm. We all face negative things in life, even with the law of attraction, but stay calm. It’ll help keep you rational and more aware of the words you’re speaking into existence, and it’ll keep your arguments more respectful at the same time. 

Use affirmations daily

Affirmations are a beautiful thing, and I am a huge believer in the power of those words. Take it one day at a time and speak positivity into existence and just watch how your world begins to change. If you’re feeling anxious about a situation, repeat positive words about it, even if you don’t feel that way! Just say it over and over and over again. You’ll really feel better! 

Keep a running list of everything you’re thankful for

This is probably my favorite tip, and it’s been super successful for me. Keep a list in a journal, or on your phone for easy access. At the top of the notepad on my phone, I wrote “I am so thankful/grateful for…” and every single positive thing that happens, I write it down! Everything. When you learn to appreciate all of those little things, the universe sprinkles more and more of them in, and eventually, those little things become bigger things, and the blessings will just keep getting better! Plus, this practice will have you on the lookout for positive things instead of focusing on the negative, and therefore, it will help you turn your mindset around.

Have you tried to use the law of attraction to improve your relationship?
What is your favorite tip I listed?
Do you have a tip of your own?


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