Labor Day Recap: Onesies, Cows, & Ice Cream!

Good news! Wednesday was my last day at job #1! I will finally be down to working one job, have days off, and be able to focus on my blog again and rest as much as possible. I know that now is my chance before the little one gets here and I’ll be running around like a crazy momma. There will definitely be more babies in the future! But, I’ll have to mentally prepare myself for pregnancy before it happens again! 

A couple weeks ago before work, I headed out to Panera to have breakfast with my mom and then we stopped at Kohls. I had a gift card from well over a year ago that I just never used and I figured I could use it for something useful for the baby! 

Untitled design-2.png

They had a decent selection of clothes on clearance. I could have splurged on the CUTEST little outfit but it would have taken up the entire gift card and I am a bargain shopper! 

Untitled design-2

I grabbed three onesies and a little tiny pair of pants. I’ll definitely keep my eye out for clearance baby items as time goes on, but I’m also keeping a mind that I’ll have my baby shower this winter!

The next day, again, before work, I headed to my Aunt’s house. She’s getting rid of a dresser and a crib that she only used when her grandkids would stay over as babies. She bought it brand new and it’s a really beautiful oak wood. 

We’re going to DIY the dresser and crib, though, and do a whitewash to match the nursery. When I was taking notes for my recap a while back, I had written that I have a vision of a nursery in my head, and with the law of attraction, I’ll have the physical space soon to create that nursery. And since I wrote that, it did come true! 

Will and I received our letter stating that we are now on a waiting list for the place we most recently applied to. We weren’t given a date, but instead, the letter stated that we will be notified when we reach the top of the list. So now, I’m using the law of attraction once again to get to that list as fast as possible! We WILL be in our place and settled in time for the baby to get here! We’ve got this. 


On one of my last days off (I’ve had a handful since June), I just needed out. With working constantly, I’ve been spending so much time at “home.” It’s a temporary home, so I’m not even sure what to call it, but I’ve been here constantly trying to rest when I’m not working. 


Since I had a day off, I needed to get out of the house. I had a couple of gift cards for Biggby, so I stopped at the drive-thru and grabbed a hot chocolate and a ham & cheese bagel. 


I took it to the library, grabbed a quiet room, and got some work done for a couple hours and then spent time with Will later on. 


The next day was really interesting. I had a lot of anxiety at work that led to me feeling really angry. Generally, when I get anxious it comes out in frustration and leads to arguments, and that’s something I’m really working on! It’s pretty damn hard with the pregnancy hormones, but I’m still trying. 

After work, I put my phone on Do Not Disturb and went home to take a hot shower. There’s a nightlight in the bathroom here and it just seemed really peaceful, so I kept the big light off. It was dark and quiet and just felt so peaceful. After my shower, I made some chamomile tea and used my rain & thunder sounds for meditation before bed. 


I actually slept really good that night and was wide awake by 6 the next morning. I actually had the day off work and since it was officially September or Fall, in my book, it was a good day to make soup!

I headed out to the grocery store and grabbed some ingredients and then I headed home to whip up my soup! I planned to share the recipe on the blog, but I want to make some adjustments before I do. 

It was literally only 8 AM by the time I got home, and that never happens for me anymore, so I felt super accomplished and it felt good!


Around noon, my mom and I drove out to Cook’s Dairy Farm. We’ve been going there for years and it’s a super popular spot here. If you’ve ever watched Kid Rock’s music video for Born Free, you’ve seen Cook’s. He actually filmed it in one of their fields and you can see the farm behind him in a few shots. He only lives a couple minutes away from there, so it’s really cool place in Michigan; a must-see spot. 


You can go buy some homemade ice cream and then walk around the farm and check out the cows and the pigs. The fields surrounding the farm are so gorgeous and the ice cream is so good! 





The video was shot wayyy out there. 

But, that’s about all I have for this week’s recap! Have a great weekend! 

Do you have a local ice cream spot that you just love?
Do you think it’s too early for fall soup?