How I Manifested $814 & How You Can Too!

Did you read that? Did you catch out what I just wrote there in the title? Yes, I just manifested $814!

Here’s the story:

So, about a week ago, I’m going through my credit card statements. I generally don’t do this, although I should! But, instead of looking at the money I owe, I decided to write down all the money I have available on my cards. I’d rather focus on the progress I’ve made, instead of focusing on how far I still have to go. I’m being positive! So, I’m looking and all of sudden I notice there is nearly a $1000 difference on one of my cards. In fact, it was my lowest card, so seeing a huge difference, nearly made me fall off my bed, and stroke out. This can not be happening to me right now!

I look into it further and see that it’s a charge from BlueHost, the company I used as a host for my “author website,” which is now just linked to my Shop here. It’s a charge for a three-year subscription for a site that I no longer use! I called BlueHost immediately, and the woman said the person I canceled with must not have unclicked the “auto-renew” button and offered a refund right away. I was definitively expecting a hassle, but thankfully, it was hassle-free! And… it gets better.

Instead of giving them the credit card it was pulled from, I asked if I could get the money back on a different card. So instead, I gave them my debit card. Here’s why; every month, in addition to credit card bills, my car payment, insurance, and phone bill, I pay a $190 payment to Lending Club; a loan company, and I’m so close to paying that loan off! It’s almost $200 a month! That’s practically a second car payment! With an extra $200 a month, I could get ahead on my credit card bills instead of falling behind! I could raise my credit score! I could see a difference in my financial life and relieve myself of so much stress!

And the best part… I will be receiving $814. I only owe $551 on my lending club payments and then they will be 100% paid off. So, not only will I have the chance to pay off my Lending Club loan, I will have an extra $200 a month that will not be disappearing right away, and I can get caught up and hopefully ahead on my other bills! Plus, I’ll have money left over!

While I will still have the $814 on a credit card right now, that credit card payment is a LOT less monthly than my LC loan. I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to move my finances around to simply make them easier to handle in my current situation! This truly feels like such a blessing! And it really did come as a blessing in disguise!

Now, here are my top 6 tips for how to manifest money for yourself!

  • Affirmations (I have an abundance of money in my bank account)

Affirmations have been so amazing to me! I use affirmations (both in my head and out loud) daily. I’m training myself to continue to say them through the good and the bad. Even if you’re not feeling that what you’re saying is true at the moment, repeat it over and over and over again anyway! My personal favorite for wealth (and the one I was using during the days leading up to this blessing) was “I have an abundance of money in my bank account, I have an abundance of money in my bank account, I have an abundance of money in my bank account.” I say it ALL THE TIME, during the day, before bed, & when I wake up in the morning. 

  • The Secret (money) app

I stumbled across The Secret Money app one day, and it is one of the best things on my phone! It’s a free app that sends a “check” to deposit into your virtual bank EVERY SINGLE DAY. And then in order to get another check the following day, you have to spend it all on anything you want! You also keep track of the money you’ve manifested into your life through random experiences, expected money, refunds, discounts, and more! It’s a great way to put things into perspective and put yourself into the mindset that you know you’re expecting money the next day! It’s all about the mindset! 

  • Thought Correction

It’s important to get into the habit of correcting your thoughts! It’s really easy to think negatively (as we’re trained to do), so start small and learn to start correcting yourself when a negative thought pops up. After some time, the positive thoughts will come more naturally. This is a perfect time to use your affirmations! 

  • Focusing on gratitude

Being grateful for what you already have can be tough when you’re struggling, but being grateful is one of the keys to receiving more. And, it’ll help boost your positivity! I keep a list in my phone of every single good thing that happens throughout the day. When I look back at those things, it just makes me smile and I realize how blessed I really am. And over time, the things that I add to that list just keep better and better! My blessings are getting bigger! 

  • YouTube videos

YouTube videos are a great way to find inspiration! Go look up some LOA success stories and use their tips! It helps you realize that these things are possible, and miracles do happen! 

  • I hit my wall & gave up control

I finally hit a low point when I got frustrated with where I was in life because I’d been trying to control everything instead of just giving control over to the universe. Give up control and trust the universe. Give your request, and then relax. It’s coming. 


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