Does Your Environment Make You Anxious? Here Are 4 Tips That Have Helped Me!

When you live in a home that triggers your anxiety, it makes life hard. There’s no going around it. Home should be your haven, your safe place, and the place that you can hide away from the anxieties of life (for the most part), but unfortunately, there are so many people who just don’t have that luxury, and I’m one of them. I have been living in an anxiety-triggering environment for years. Since I was about 14 or 15, to be exact.

I won’t go into the full story, but I’ve come from environments filled with fighting, multiple divorces (not mine), sneaking around, being watched, manipulated, and mentally controlled. I’ve been in the middle of physical violence, a custody battle, and multiple rounds with attorneys. 

And I’m in a position now where I’m not very welcome, the tension is very high at all times, and I’m fighting to get out (especially with a little boy on the way). The last thing I ever, ever want is for my son to grow up in any of the environments I’ve grown up in over the last 10 years. I believe that’s partially where my depression and anxiety stem from, and I never want him to understand this level of mental health deterioration. I want to do everything I possibly can to shield him from that. 

My point is, I know how much this situation SUCKS, but I’ve learned how to do my best to still manage my mental health when “home” just isn’t home. 

Always be the bigger person

It can be really tough to be nice and friendly around someone who just triggers your anxiety, or may just not be a great person, but I’ve had years of experience, and I haven’t always followed my own advice. But believe me, your life will be easier, and you’ll feel better if you at least give polite greetings around the house. Push yourself to always be the bigger person! 

Have your own space, if you can

I’ve always made my bedroom my own space. And if you can do the same, make your area as zen as possible. Add your favorite colors, candles, relaxing scents, a vision board, and a comfortable place to rest. Those are just things that relax me, but find what relaxes you so that when you do have to be at home, you can keep yourself as positive and calm as possible. 

Find a hobby that gets you out of the house

I would definitely consider blogging & writing to be my hobby, so when I just need to get away from the anxieties at home, I go find a quiet corner at the library where I can work. Other times, I pop my headphones in and go for a long work. Just find something that can take you away from it all. It doesn’t have to be far, or cost money, but just get away. 

Do something daily to keep you happy and calm

I wrote a post back in January about the importance of doing one thing every single day for yourself. Really do something every day that makes you happy and makes you feel calm. You’ll notice a difference in your overall mental health when you’re finding more happiness in the little things, and it’ll make handling any issues at home a bit easier. 

Have you lived in an anxiety-triggering environment?
What helped you?


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