Recap: Growing Baby & Tea Time

Good morning & happy Saturday! I hope you guys have had a great week! 

I’ll just jump right in and be honest by saying that my depression is still kicking my ass. If you haven’t yet, you can read all about my stance on depression during pregnancy here. I’m definitely moving forward in life and making progress in all aspects, but it just takes me a bit of extra strength to keep moving forward. 

I know a lot of readers are brought to me because of their own struggles with depression and anxiety, so many of you understand and can relate. I definitely need to do laundry, put clothes away, get dishes done, clean, and run errands, but the energy it’s going to take just feels like so much. I figured I should get my weekly recap up for you guys because I do have some really awesome and exciting things to share! 

Well, I had decided on Monday that I need to make more of an effort into having a morning routine. Since I’ve taken on two jobs and my schedule is a bit different, I’m generally working later at night instead of getting up in the morning and going straight to work (which I prefer!) So, I really needed a morning routine to help me get out of bed and start my days. Once I get started, I do okay, but with the depression getting up in the morning is the hardest part. 


So, on Tuesday I gave myself until 8 to sleep. I recognize that while I’m trying to do more in my life (and not stay in bed until noon) I also need to rest so I’m just trying to find that balance. But anyway, I woke up a little later than I had planned and I ended up falling right asleep until 9, but then I hopped out of bed, turned on a podcast and made some tea. 


I had a bag of lemon and a bag of raspberry together and it was so yummy. I just sat at the table listening to my podcast and drinking my tea, and it was really relaxing. The house was quiet and it was a really good way to start the day. Unfortunately, I don’t get to experience that very often because of where I’m living, but I’ll have it on a daily basis soon!


After my quiet time, I went out for a walk and listened to more of my podcast, but I had a really short walk. With the pregnancy my hips and back have been really sore, so the hills were making it tough.


When I came back home I ate a late breakfast, showered, and worked on the blog until I had to work later on in the day.


Wednesday was a fun day! Will and I were up early and headed to our 12-week appointment to see baby again! For the two days before my appointment, I was feeling some anxiety. For the past week, I ‘ve actually been feeling better physically. I haven’t been feeling a consistent exhaustion and just that blah feeling that I have for the past two and a half months! But, it made me feel “less pregnant,” so the blah feeling is actually reassuring! If I have any mommas reading this, you know the difference between feeling pregnant and feeling normal again. I was feeling normal so it really freaked me out, but of course, I hopped on Google, and it’s totally normal to feel this way as I head towards my second trimester.

Untitled design-2

And here’s baby! He/she is growing perfectly to the day. The baby was bouncing around and wiggling the entire time so it took about 15 minutes to get a final measurement and the photo! I am so excited to finally see facial features!


We ended up deciding during the blood work to just go for the genetics test so we can get a gender sooner! We’ll know this week what we’re having! We have a fun way that we’re going to find out, too! There’ll be videos 🙂

Any guesses??

After our appointment, we headed to the park to just waste some time until we both had to go to work. I was so happy and excited about our appointment, but I felt kind of mentally held back that day. Maybe it was just hormones, but I wasn’t really having anything else. 

But there was another positive that day. When I got to job #1, one of my friends told me to stop by and see her at one point because she had a gift. So I did, and she had ordered and wrapped up a box of Preggie Pops for me since she knew I had been dealing with a lot of nausea, and she said that they made a huge difference for her during her pregnancy. It was something so little, but so kind that she had thought of me, and it really just made my day. 


Unfortunately, for the last couple of days, the funk I started to go into on Wednesday kind of rolled over. I’m not really sure why, but it’s here and I’m dealing with it. I’ve been focusing on work, trying to put the effort into my blog as much as possible, and just keep my head in a good place; pushing myself to make progress. 

How was your week?
Do you have a morning routine?
Any mommas reading who have experienced the same feeling as me?


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  1. Ahhh those scan photos are seriously giving me baby fever. This is such a great post because it does show daily life for people struggling with depression and anxiety. It shows that there are highs and lows throughout the day/week.

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