An Honest Talk

Fridays are when I really like to post my recaps and focus on my mental health, but there is so much more I want to add to them, and there are so many reasons why they’ve basically stopped. Since my blog is centered around my mental health, how I cope, and how I can help others, my mental health actually has so much to do with the direction my blog has taken, and honestly, I don’t love it.

I’ve been looking at my blog as a whole over the last month, and I’ve seen such a huge difference in it lately. It’s just not as personal anymore. I feel like it’s become so generic, and that is what I wanted to stay so far away from! I want to connect with my readers on a new level, and right now, I’m not even close. 

But, before I keep rambling, I just want to give a list of reasons for why I am where I am, why I’m not doing the things I truly want to do, and why I have faded. 

I really want to add more recipes, DIYs, and fun adventures to my blog! I want to do this for two reasons; one, it’s awesome content, and two, it makes for such a fun life! But, I haven’t done any of that, and to be completely honest, open, and real, my biggest reasons are time and money. I’m in a position right now where I’m paying off a lot of debt from school and bad choices I made as a teenager. I feel like I’m in a position where I’m paying for my past before I can live out my future. Because of those financial struggles and the time-crunch I’m dealing with (baby on the way!) I’m working two jobs.

Every single penny goes to my phone bill, car payment/insurance, and paying off debt as quickly as possible and desperately trying to keep my head above water considering I also need to be paying for my own place to live by February. That doesn’t leave me any extra to pay for food for fun recipes to share, cool DIYs, or fun trips and outings. I feel like these two factors are putting me in a position that is holding me back. 

To be 100% honest, I’m pretty lost, and I feel like I’m just stuck in a rut and walking around in circles, but I’ve been working with the LOA to bring abundance and happiness into my life. I haven’t given up on that because I know hard work and LOA are the secret to moving past this, but I guess I just wanted everyone to understand why things have been the way they’ve been. I know so many people can relate to this. 

Being in this position really has put me into a rough mental state. I’m not having anxiety attacks or anything, but it has affected my depression. It’s made it really difficult to put in the work and to get out of bed before noon each day. I’ve had restless nights and bad headaches and body aches, all while trying to stay calm and positive for the sake of my baby and pregnancy. 

I’ve been doing some thinking about taking one step at a time to try to improve the blog and put more into because it truly does make me happy and in the long run it can help solve some of my other problems as well which will only lead to bigger and better things!  I want my first step to be incorporating those recipes into my blog, even if it’s only using things around the house. I can definitely make more “finance-friendly” meals and snacks! My goal is always to help people like me, and I do believe this can be really useful for others! 

I also want to do more. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll be doing, but I want to get out of the house and force myself to do SOMETHING, even if it’s just walking around downtown, going to the lake by myself, or walking around Target and then writing at Panera. (ya’ll know I love Panera!) I just want to push myself to get out of bed and live my life even if it’s not where I want it to be yet. 

Have you experienced this before?
Would anyone be interested in me including cheap recipes?


5 thoughts on “An Honest Talk

  1. Great post! Try not to worry so much about money, and what content to put on your blog. My blog is about my year of marriage, but some posts are what we like to watch on Netflix and other posts are what we’ll have for dinner that night. As long as you make your blog personal to you, it will always stay authentic and people will relate to you and want to know more. Cheap recipes is one idea, but don’t put too much attention into that one project.. talk about what you had for dinner, talk about what’s in your mind, write a letter to your younger self, what are your plans for the future? Where’s your favourite place to go? Let your readers into your mind a little, that will be so much more interesting than a cheap recipe.

    Lots of love 😘💕

  2. I can honestly relate as I was in a rut of my own last year, not in the same situation but still. You will come out of this on the other side and things will get better. It just takes time which I know basically sounds like bs but it’s really not.

    I definitely think you can make awesome content on a budget. Just look around your house at stuff you already have for inspo. Got a mental health book? Review it. Fave shows to positively impact your mental health? Write about them. Stuff like that.

  3. I can definitely relate to this as I was in a rut of my own last year. But I think the advice that I often found cheesy during that time but is true is that in time things do get better.

    I definitely think you can create content for your blog on a budget. Just look around your house for inspo. Maybe you could do a review of a book about mental health or list some shows that positively impact your mental health. Just things like that

  4. This is such an honest and relatable post. Don’t push yourself if you are stuck with your blog it will all come into place. If you ever need to talk I’m here! Keep up the great work. You should be proud of yourself x

  5. I love budget recipes and think they’d be a great addition to your blog. If you feel like you’re in a rut, make some changes and write about whatever you want to. It’s your blog 😊 x

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