Crystal & Gemstone Series: Citrine

Citrine is basically the sunshine of all crystals! Last week, I talked about the moonstone, but we’re switching to daytime! Imagine being out on the lake on a 75-degree day with the sun shining bright; that’s where citrine is taking us, but there’s so much more to this beautiful stone!

Chakra: Solar-plexus (right above your belly button)

Healing properties & uses:

  • Citrine has very bright energy, meaning it’s great for giving you that 5-Hour Energy boost, but terrible for placing under your pillow. The power of citrine will most definitely keep you awake at night if placed too close. (I have personally experienced this by accident)
  • Citrine is known as “the merchant’s stone” because shop owners have placed them in their place of business for thousands of year to bring prosperity and abundance. 
  • Helps manifest the motivation required to put in the work needed to be successful
  • Strengthens the manifestation of goals and creativity
  • Increases fertility
  • Can help to clear “energy blocks.”
  • Excellent for boosting inspiration when used during meditation
  • Effective in shielding against those you may hurt you, as well as feelings of jealousy
  • Guard against negative energy
  • Boosts confidence and problem-solving
  • Helps to overcome depression because of it’s positive energy
  • Increases clarity and mental focus
  • *Citrine is a powerful stone and should only be used for good, positive energy
  • *Citrine can cause aggression and should be avoided by those with short tempers
  • *Do not leave citrine in the sunlight for an extended period of time, as it will fade

How to use citrine

  • Write down your intentions and place the citrine on top of the paper; great during meditation
  • Place in your home or office for light, warmth, and abundance. You can place citrine in your bedroom, as long as it is not close to you as you sleep.
  • Carry citrine in your wallet or purse to attract abundance
  • My citrine is placed on top of a check I’ve written to myself for the amount of money I am manifesting in a certain amount of time

How to cleanse citrine:

It is said that citrine is self-cleaning, but because it shields away so much negative energy, I find that cleansing my citrine is just a good idea. You can easily cleanse citrine by running it under cool water and setting it out to dry. As I’m cleansing my crystals, I thank them, and I reset my intention. 

How citrine has benefited my life:

  • Within one week of introducing citrine into my life, I found my second job. Not only did it come to me quickly, but I was offered the job during the interview! 
  • My relationship anxiety has decreased
  • My confidence has boosted at work
  • I’ve already made commission at my new job
  • I have a healthy pregnancy
  • I’ve created three new series on my blog since using citrine, so my inspiration and creativity has been boosted

Have you ever used citrine? How has it benefited your life?


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