21 Ways He’s Telling You He Loves You Without Words!

They say actions speak louder than words and I am a true believer in that, and when you have anxiety (especially when it comes to your relationship), it can be really tough to notice all the small things your man does that prove that he really does love you! We tend to overlook all of those kind, loving things because we all feel and accept love so differently. So, read below and see how many of these things you recognize. 

  • He tells you that you look beautiful or compliments your appearance
  • He thanks you for doing something small, or tells you how much he appreciates something you do for him
  • He surprises you with something like flowers, your favorite food, or just shows up to give you a hug at work
  • He sings to you and can be silly and fun with you – it shows that he’s comfortable!
  • He shows you off in front of his family or friends
  • He sneaks a kiss or a squeeze in public
  • He asks how you’re feeling
  • He asks how you slept
  • He lets you borrow his clothing
  • He craves some cuddle time with you
  • He sends a text during his busy day (you’re on his mind!)
  • He shares a song that reminded him of you!
  • He comes up with ideas for date night
  • He apologizes when he’s wrong or after an argument
  • He asks for a call or a text letting him know that you made it home safe
  • He’s always there when you need someone to talk or vent to
  • He does little things like kissing your forehead or tucking your hair behind your ears
  • He asks about how your day went/is going
  • He trusts you! Don’t you feel so loved that he truly trusts you?
  • He shows patience with you even when it’s difficult
  • He mentions stuff about the future

What can your man do to show you that he really loves you?


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