Crystal & Gemstone Series: Moonstone

Currently, moonstone is my favorite because of the power it is having in my life. As soon as I discovered my pregnancy, I knew I needed to surround myself with the power of moonstone. Keep reading below to find out why moonstone was my go-to!

Chakra: Crown

Healing properties & uses:

  • Since moonstone is the stone of the inner goddess; a symbol of fertility and femininity
  • Increased intuition and deeper access to the third eye
  • Cleanses the mind of negative emotions
  • Great for a monthly meditation on your upcoming goals
  • Has a “go with the flow” vibe
  • Can stabilize moods and emotions, especially associated with hormone fluctuations;  great for pregnancy, menstrual cycles, puberty, and menopause
  • Helps to balance and harmonize the energy in your life
  • Helps the user become more in touch with their inner feelings and emotions
  • Increases creativity
  • Helps create a childlike innocence
  • Like rose quartz, moonstone is also good for love and romance
  • Excellent reminder to just let things be and allow the natural rhythm of life to just happen, similar to the tides of the ocean. Also a reminder that the universe will always guide you.
  • Encourages non-judgemental love; the purest form
  • Has a calming energy that is great for anxiety
  • Helps you to love and heal yourself, especially women
  • Removes negativity from the chakras
  • Protective when traveling
  • Encourages abundance and luck in business
  • Attracter of true love
  • Protects a mother and fetus during pregnancy

How to use moonstone:

  • Moonstone rings and necklaces are very popular. Personally, I wear a moonstone bracelet every day, and I sleep with my moonstone crystal beside my pillow each night. 
  • Use moonstone during mediation, especially during a new or full moon
  • Place moonstone around your home or office to bring harmony and balance

How to cleanse moonstone:

The absolute best way to cleanse your moonstone is to leave it out overnight to soak up the energy of the moonlight. 

How moonstone has benefited my life:

  • My moonstone crystal and bracelet have eased my anxiety tremendously, making me more accepting of all the changes that have been thrust upon my life.
  • It keeps me and my baby healthy and safe during this pregnancy, and recently encouraged a strong stable heartbeat during an ultrasound
  • It has kept my hormone fluctuations to a minimum during my pregnancy
  • It has helped me learn to properly communicate in a healthy way, even when I am feeling emotional
  • It has boosted my creativity and helped me to put together several new ideas for my books and my blog in the last month
  • It honestly has made me feel more calm, balanced, and accepting, even when my life should feel so chaotic and stressful

Have you ever used moonstone? How has it benefited your life?


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