​Exercise for Self-Love & Care: 100 Things I Want To Do In The Next Year

I honestly do not even remember where I first saw this practice, but I found it really fascinating and I knew it would be perfect for boosting my mood, my confidence, and my self-love, and lowering my stress and anxiety. You write down a bucket list of sorts, but only write down the things you can easily accomplish within the next year. I was going to put my own into practice when I originally found the idea back at the beginning of June, but then within a couple weeks, I found out about my pregnancy, which definitely forced me to switch things up a bit.

You’re supposed to write out 100 things you want to do. It can be anything you want. I didn’t write 100 since I can’t participate just yet because of my work schedule and finances now, but I still want to encourage other people to give it a try because I really do believe it’s a great idea! I chose a lot of things that would make me feel happy, would show me the beauty in the world, and were local and easily accessible (I’m from Michigan!) 

And here’s a twist; I had the intention of doing these things alone! Seems scary, but I’ve been dying to go to the zoo, and right now because of my work schedules trying to accommodate someone else’s is tough, so I figured I would just do it alone! I won’t let my lack of company keep me from doing something that makes me happy. Plus, it really is a great way to build up your confidence and just focus on yourself. 

So after you write out your list, and when you have a free day or some free time, just pick something. It could be something really little like painting your nails, or it could be a full day trip across the state! Pick something and just do it!

Go to the Detroit Institute of Art
Go to the Toledo Zoo
Go to Eastern Market
Publish my book
Get a massage
Get a facial
Get a mani/pedi
Get my haircut
Get my eyebrows done 
Relax at the beach
Go to a movie by myself
Get my lashes done
Visit the planetarium
Experiment with baking & decorating cupcakes
Visit the Holly Hotel
Explore Belle Isle
Go to The Henry Ford & Greenfield Village
Go skating at Campus Martius 
Go to a cider mill & corn maze
Visit the John K. King Used & Rare Bookstore
Go to the Science Museum
Spend another day at a library

What would you add to your list??


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