Picnic Dates & Baby News!

It’s pretty late in the day, but I’ve actually had a day to relax! After work, of course. I’m working so much I really don’t even know what to do with myself when I’m home and able to relax. But even thru all the work, I’ve had a great week, and I can’t wait to share it with you! 


Will and I have been spending even more time together lately, and it’s been so nice. Because we have to get our finances in order, we’ve been avoiding more expensive dates like dinner and a movie (that really adds up!), and we opted for a really simple, classic date on Tuesday. We went on a picnic by the lake!


Believe it or not, it was 100% Will’s idea. We’d always talked about doing it, and we finally put it into action. It was a really nice surprise. He brought a little mat and a blanket but was unprepared with food. He tried, though! We just stopped at Kroger and picked out a few cheap snack foods. 


It was a cloudy day and about 75, so it was perfect. We hadn’t been to this lake in about a year, and it’s a nature preserve so it’s really kept up and beautiful. 


After our picnic, Will headed off to work, and I went home. It was my first day off in over two weeks. I had time to just relax! I got a bit of work done and then spent the rest of the night being so lazy!


Honestly, in my free time, I’ve been kicking back and watching YouTube videos. It’s just become my thing because I can take my mind off of life and shut my brain off, so it’s so nice! I made a little bed on the floor, and cuddled with the pups!


Wednesday was our big day!! I mentioned in a previous recap that when I went to doctor the first time, I was told that we saw the gestational sack and the yolk sack, but no baby. Based on dates, I was under the impression that I should be 7 weeks along, but since there was no baby yet, there were a few options. 

Either my dates were wrong (which was very possible because I had to guess), the baby was growing slowly in the beginning and would later have a growth spurt, or (worst case scenario) the baby was not growing properly, and my body would react later on through miscarriage. 

I was perfectly fine with the first two options, but the third was not a possible option for me. A year ago, that would have been the only option I would have thought about, but not this time! I spent the next month being as positive, excited, and happy as possible! I’ve been sharing my pregnancy with all those close to me, I’ve mentioned that Will and I even looked at baby clothes, and I’ve been completely preparing myself to become a mother because that is what I am attracting into my life! I refused to attract a negative outcome.


So, the month FINALLY passed! The few days leading up to our appointment, I definitely felt myself getting nervous and anxious. I couldn’t stop the frightening thoughts from entering my mind, but every time they did, I would convince myself that everything was fine, give myself a pep talk, and move onto the next thought. 


Will reassured me the entire way to our appointment, and thankfully, we only had to wait a few minutes. I love this story, so I’m going to share it! I was on the table squeezing Will’s hand, probably too tightly, when the tech told me she was going to be looking at my ovaries and then we would move into the uterus to see the baby and hear a heartbeat. I was then just laying there praying that there really would be a properly growing baby, when all of a sudden, the sound of little bean’s heartbeat came through! 


I didn’t know the tech had even moved into the uterus, so the heartbeat was a complete surprise, and I instantly burst into happy tears. The overwhelming sense of relief was incredible. That moment was literally everything for me. Will started wiping my tears, he teared up a little, and we couldn’t stop smiling. We finally got to see our little one! He or she grew perfectly meaning my dates were wrong, and that put me at exactly 9 weeks. It’s still so early, but at the same time, I know this pregnancy is going to fly by. 


After our appointment, even though I was mentally on top of the world, physically the baby was over it and ready to give momma some major nausea, and I ended up getting really sick. We stopped by 7/11 and grabbed a Slurpee because that’s one of my biggest cravings, and then Will went to Kroger for me and grabbed some lunch for me to eat at the beach/lake. About 30 minutes after I ate, I ended up feeling better. We just sat for a while and could not stop staring at our ultrasound photo. 

Unfortunately, it was time to head home so I could go to work. 


Last night I had to close at my new job for the first time by myself, but everything went smoothly. The downside was that I didn’t get out until 9, and I had to be at my other job at 4am this morning. When I got home last night, I obviously wasn’t tired enough to go straight to bed, so I didn’t get much sleep in between. I was only supposed to work until 8, but I stayed until 11. 


When I got home, I ate some lunch, took a long shower, and laid down and took a nap. It was pretty solid until Coby woke me up for his dinner! 

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your week, as well! 



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