Everything You Need To Know About The July Blood Moon!

The blood moon is a brand new concept to me, but it is so interesting! But, I didn’t find it that interesting until I started feeling and seeing the effects around me! I’ve been feeling pretty anxious lately. As most of my readers know, I suffer from anxiety anyway, but over the past couple of months since using the law of attraction and crystals, my anxiety has decreased significantly! 

But over the past four or five days, it’s been a struggle! Nothing major has changed, but I’ve just been more on edge, more suspicious, and more restless, even though I don’t have much of a reason for this right now! I had already known the blood moon was coming, but honestly, I forgot. 

It wasn’t until I got into a super weird argument with someone (a Capricorn; that’ll be important later) that it finally came back. I was telling a friend about how weird the argument was and explaining that it blew up into so much more than it should have and this person just wasn’t acting like themselves. It just didn’t make sense. Then, my friend reminded me of the upcoming blood moon!

What is a blood moon?

When a blood moon appears, the moon will be a deep red color. The Earth, the moon, and the sun will all be in alignment with each other with the Earth in the middle. The shadow of the Earth on the moon with the light of the sun radiating from behind the Earth will create the effect of the “blood-colored moon.”

When is it going to happen?

This Friday, July 27th! After dark, of course… It is going to be the longest lunar eclipse of the century, lasting about an hour and 43 minutes. 

Who is it affecting the most & how?

The blood moon is said to have a very deep, intense effect on humans as it raises our energies immensely. It is also said that it’s causing most zodiac signs to feel very overwhelmed and stressed out. It will be a time for renewal and major change for many. Along with the overwhelm and stress, it is also plausible that it will cause irritation, frustration, and struggles because of heightened emotions centered around relationships, finances, and more. 

While all of the zodiac signs will be affected in one way or another, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Leo will most likely take the hardest emotional hit tomorrow. 

What can you do to avoid the wrath of the blood moon?

Don’t read too much into the phenomenon and freak yourself out, but do be aware and conscious. I wouldn’t go so far as to not leave your house for the next week, but I also wouldn’t recommend meeting for drinks to mend a broken friendship or relationship on Firday night. Too many emotions will be going on for such a sensitive event. If you use your common sense and try really, really hard (I know it’s difficult) to stay as positive as possible, it’ll help keep the waves of emotion from getting too high. Definitely don’t lose your faith in the law of attraction! Keep using it! Keep your personal vibration and energy as high and as positive as possible! 

Have you started to feel the effects of the blood moon?

***I am in no way an expert on these topics, but I find them really interesting! If you want more information on how the blood moon may affect you personally, or you want a more scientific explanation, head on over to Google!***


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  1. Geez, maybe that is what’s wrong with me! I’m a ball of anxiety and it’s centering around money. I’ve not utilized my crystals as much as I use to, I need to get back into the swing of things!

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