11 Signs That He’s A Keeper

Most of us ladies have been through bad relationship after bad relationship and that can make it really tough not to be skeptical about this new guy, but if he’s got these qualities, then you know there’s a good chance that he’s a keeper! But, always keep in mind that regardless of these qualities, make sure it feels right, above all else! 

He wants you to meet his family

If your new man wants you to meet his family, especially early on in the relationship, that’s a great sign! It proves that he has some pretty strong feelings for you, he wants to show you off, and he’s confident that you’re the type of girl he can bring home to meet his mom. A guy won’t waste his time on this step if he isn’t serious about you. 

He’s a hard worker 

Hard working guys are super attractive in general, but if he’s willing to put effort into the things that he does, whether it’s at work, or in your relationship, he’s a good one!

He shows you off in front of his friends

There’s no better feeling than when he pulls you close to his side and sneaks kisses in front of his friends. It’s really important to know that he’s proud of you and enjoys showing his friends how happy you make him. If he’s hiding you away, then you may want to think twice!

He’s trustworthy

If you’re catching your guy in a string of lies, watch your back! You want a man who can be completely open and honest with you, regardless of what is going on. We all come across situations where a little white lie would be much easier to sweep under the rug, but if he’s willing to tell the truth instead, you know you’ve got a man who is committed to you and wants to be sure he keeps your trust. He needs to understand that trust is the key to a successful relationship. 

He notices the little things about you

It’s so romantic when your man notices small things about your personality, your looks, and your habits. For example, my boyfriend notices how my cheeks turn red when I start getting anxious and how I always tuck my hair behind my ear when I start talking. It feels amazing to know that your man knows all your favorite things and quirks. 

He accepts you for who you are

One of the most important aspects of a relationship is feeling completely accepted. Your man should accept your past, your flaws, your dreams, and everything else that makes you, you. Your man doesn’t have to like everything about you, but as long as he accepts you, that’s all that matters. 

He can make you laugh

Humor is one of the best qualities you can possibly have in a relationship. A relationship should be fun and exciting! Of course, we have our serious moments together, but usually, the best nights with my boyfriend are spent talking and laughing together. It’s also important that you two are comfortable enough to joke around and pick on each other out of love and fun.

He’s okay with you living your own life

You should never have to avoid spending time with your family, visiting with friends, or doing your own hobbies when you’re in a relationship. It’s important to have your own life outside of your relationship and your man should encourage this! If he’s a keeper, he knows you need your space, too. 

He isn’t afraid to talk about the future

One of the most exciting moments of any relationship for a woman is hearing her man mention marriage or children (if that’s something she’s interested in pursuing, of course). In fact, any mention of a future together gives her hope, stability, and security which is really healthy for a relationship. Ladies, it’s important that he’s willing to open up about his plans. If he keeps his lips completely sealed all the time, he’s probably either not that serious about you, or confused about what he really wants. 

He doesn’t care about the superficial things

Of course, both men and women have a list of things that they find attractive in a partner, but it’s important to look beyond the physical features. He definitely shouldn’t have a problem with you throwing on a t-shirt and yoga pants and going makeup-less on a lazy Saturday. In fact, he’ll probably find it sexy that you’re confident enough to bare your natural self to him in this way. Most men actually prefer it. 

He can read you like the back of his hand

When your man understands you emotionally it can make your relationship feel free and open. Of course, men have their moments where they may be a little clueless (and that’s totally normal), but it’s really nice when he can tell that you’re feeling uncomfortable, upset, or excited without you having to say a word. For example, I suffer from anxiety and my boyfriend can tell instantly when my anxiety is rearing its ugly head. It’s extremely helpful and comforting (especially in social situations), to not have to explain yourself to your partner. 

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