Crystal & Gemstone Series: Rose Quartz

Rose quartz, even though it’s basic, is by far my favorite stone so far. It’s pink, it’s subtle, it’s beautiful, and it represents my favorite thing; love, among many other things.

Chakra: Heart ❤️

Healing properties & uses:

  • Brings peace and calmness to the individual and their relationships
  • Reduces stress, especially caused by relationships
  • Honors the Goddess of Fertility, so it is great for pregnancy and those trying to conceive
  • Heals troubled relationships
  • Encourages faithfulness and loyalty
  • Discourages negative feelings associated with relationships such as suspicion, fear, anger, jealousy, and bitterness
  • This stone not only represents loving relationships with others, but it also represents loving yourself
  • Encourages self-forgiveness of past mistakes
  • Encourages strong, stable heartbeats. This is great for premature babies and young children. (Also great for pregnancy)
  • Helpful with postpartum depression
  • Rose quartz is also a stone of beauty; therefore, it helps to eliminate age and wrinkles from the skin
  • Good for kidney health because it flushes the body of negativity and impurities
  • Eases vertigo
  • Promotes the health of sexual organs
  • This is a great stone for those with relationship anxiety, as it eases the anxieties and fears that come along with it
  • Rose quartz is said to heal broken hearts and replace the feeling with contentment and hope
  • Helps the individual to feel worthy of love (from themselves and others)
  • Encourages unconditional love towards oneself and others
  • Heals emotional wounds

How to use rose quartz:

  • Place the quartz beneath your pillow or on your bedside table
  • Place it over the heart chakra or hold it in your left (receiving) hand during meditation
  • Wear it as jewelry
  • Place your rose quartz in the bathtub while you soak

How to cleanse rose quartz:

Run your rose quartz under water for a few moments to wash away negative energy. You can pat it dry with a cloth or set it out to dry naturally. 

How rose quartz has benefited my life:

  • Within weeks of sleeping with rose quartz under my pillow, I rekindled a broken relationship
  • I have reduced relationship anxiety and stress
  • I have less fear, jealousy, and I have drastically reduced my need to control
  • My self-love has improved greatly
  • Also within only weeks of using rose quartz, I also learned of my pregnancy
  • I’ve become calmer, overall

Have you ever used rose quartz? How has it benefited your life?


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