Life Is Looking Good <3

Good morning! 

Well, sleepy morning… nauseous morning… but, welcome to pregnancy, I guess! Honestly, I can’t complain, though. Besides feeling tired, sore, and nauseous occasionally, I feel pretty good. I definitely feel very lucky! 

This past month has honestly been the weirdest of my entire life. I’ve been in a completely different mental state, I’ve been beyond busy, and my life is changing in a lot of ways. 

Like I mentioned, I’ve been working not just one, but two jobs, which is the reason for my lack of blogging, I’ve got a baby on the way (we get to see the little bean and heartbeat on ultrasound on Wednesday!), I’ve renewed a damaged relationship, and I’ve been training myself to fend off all the negativity that has tried to enter my life, and there has been quite a bit! 

But, through all of that, life is getting better every day. If I were in this same position before I had brought the law of attraction and positive energy (using crystals) into my life, I would be a hot mess right now. I’d be a blubbering, stressed out baby who just mentally couldn’t handle life, but I’m not. 

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely have my moments where stress does get the best of me, and I do feel anxious, but that doesn’t feel like a permanent mental state like it used to. I’m looking at my life with positivity and excitement because I know, with my whole heart, that my life is improving and I’m becoming happier and stronger with each passing day. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. This is real. 

Now, quick recap! 

Sunday was the first time in a long time (over the past month, really) that I woke up with terrible anxiety. I think it was just because I knew what was ahead of me that day and the next. I was finally able to get some work done at home during the day, but then I had to go to job #1 from 5pm-1am. It was really hard to get through! I was just so exhausted, but it was due to special circumstances. 


I had a lot of trouble waking up on Monday morning, but I had to be at job #2 at 8am until 3. Waking up was definitely the hardest part, but then I was fine! Work went by quickly, and I only had a small bit of anxiety. I wasn’t running on much sleep, so I felt a bit out of it, and believe me when I say “baby brain” is real! Pregnancy really does make me feel so forgetful and foggy! I’m learning so much at this new job and trying to retain all this info on little sleep, and baby brain was tough! I was feeling anxious when I left about if I had really done everything right, but thankfully the other girls have been so understanding and reassuring. I’ve been blessed with some really kind coworkers. One of them has a one-year-old, so she’s super understanding and telling me it’s all normal!

After work, Will came over. We got super lucky and got off work at the same time that day! We just had dinner and relaxed for a couple hours before he headed home. He had stuff to do at home, and I needed an early night in bed! In an upcoming post, I’m going to share how my rose quartz has changed our relationship for the better! 

Tuesday was a rough day, unfortunately! My hormones and emotions just got the best of me. I can tell (since I’ve been foggy) that I’ve also been working slower too. It’s driving me crazy. Work (job #1) was really overwhelming, so that kind of tumbled me into anxiety over everything else, like my relationship, my upcoming doctor’s appointment, and both of my jobs. 

I went to one of my coworkers (also has a young daughter and knows about the pregnancy) and just broke down. She assured me that there would be a lot more cause for concern if I weren’t having breakdowns like this and that it’s completely normal. She told me that everything is fine, I’m going to hear my baby’s heartbeat on Wednesday, and that these feeling will pass. Thankfully, I was able to pull myself together and back into my positive mindset. 

Wednesday was a really long, long, long day! I worked at job #2 from 8-11 and then job #1 from 12:30-9. I was able to sneak out of work a little early, though, and then had plans to spend a bit of time with Will. It wasn’t until Will looked down at my feet and pointed it out that I realized after the long day, my feet were completely swollen and purple!


I got a nice foot, back, and neck massage, so that helped! Honestly, this is something Will does on a regular basis anyway, but overall, I have to say, Will has been so great through this pregnancy. He’s been so involved and caring and has been so understanding about how pregnancy effects me. 

But anyway, that’s it for today! Have a great weekend!


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