My Birthday Week + Big, Big News!

Happy Friday! 

First off, wow. I can’t believe I’m actually getting a chance to write this post, and second, I thought I had taken a lot more photos, but I guess not! But, the news I’m deciding to share today will be worth the missing pictures! 

Last Sunday was my first official start date for my second job! Yes, in addition to my regular job, my blogging, my writing, my family, and my social life, I have included a second job, but we’ll get to why in a bit! Anyway, it’s a receptionist position at a spa & massage center, and I really love it. There’s a lot of information to keep up on that can make it a bit stressful, but the environment is soothing, and my coworkers are really nice, so it balances it out. 


After my first morning shift, Will came over to spend the day with me and do dinner with the family for my birthday. We did it a day early just because it worked out for everyone’s schedules. 


We spent the afternoon sitting on the porch watching Jurassic Park. I haven’t seen the first movie in years, and I haven’t seen any of the others. We had plans to go see the newest movie this week, so I figured I should have a better idea of what the hell is going on. 

After our movie, we had dinner with the family. My mom made her chicken enchiladas which are my absolute favorite and then we had ice cream cake for dessert. Will wanted to go out and see Jurassic Park after dinner, but the earliest show didn’t start until after 9, and I was way too exhausted. He agreed to just stay in and watch some Netflix. And, no surprise here, I fell asleep pretty quickly. Cuddles and sleep are exactly what I’ve been needing. 

The next day (on my actual birthday) I had to work all day, so it was really just another day, which I didn’t mind, but here’s the crappy part; as soon as I got home from work, I found a bee trapped in plastic. I didn’t want it to suffocate, so I went to save it and let it go. 


It thanked me by stinging me right on the tip of my middle finger. My finger ballooned up and got all tingly, so I had to grab the Benedryl, and that just put me to sleep, so I was literally in bed by like 7:30. 

I’ve spent the next few days after that working like crazy between both jobs because that is now officially my life. But, then yesterday I had a half day off, and it turned out to be a great day!


I had to work at the spa from 8-3, and then Will and I spent the rest of our day together. First, we headed to see Jurassic park since I was feeling really energetic and knew I could make it through. Unfortunately, I didn’t love it. It was a little too action-packed and kinda sad. Will actually thought the same thing. 

After our movie, we walked down the block and had dinner, and while it was still light and warm outside, we headed to the park to play basketball for a while. Normally, I actually play basketball with Will, but the last couple of times we’ve gone, I’ve done more watching than playing. 

I’ve had some major insomnia & fatigue (yes, at the same time) so I’m really tired all the time, I’ve been battling a lot of nausea, my body has been sore, my breasts are too sore to jump around in basketball, and I’ve lost my appetite. Now, what does all that add up to? 

Yes, I’m pregnant! 

Will and I found out mid-June, and I’m only a couple days from being 8 weeks along. This isn’t that big 12-week announcement because I don’t feel like that’s necessary. Since I’ve brought the law of attraction into my life, I’ve lowered my anxiety, and I’ve been using my crystals and stones as aids in raising my vibration, I’ve put myself in an excited, positive, happy mindset, and I know that I can bring a beautiful and healthy baby into this world through this pregnancy. 

Of course, like most women, I get occasional fears, but then I turn to positive thoughts and I imagine what I want like it’s already here, and I can’t help but smile and feel giddy about the entire thing. 

I have an appointment towards the end of the month and we’ll finally get to see my little bean and hear the heartbeat! WIll and I are both so excited for that moment. 

Have a great weekend!



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