Crystal Shopping, Fourth of July, & An Errand Date Day

Happy Thursday! 

I hope you’ve all had a good week! I actually have! I mentioned in a post on Wednesday that bigger and better things are coming. I mentioned a couple of new projects I have coming to the blog, and one of them is all about how my life is changing for the better all because of the law of attraction and the rising of my energy, frequency, and vibration. 

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I’m doing all of this using crystals, meditation, and manifestation. A while back I drove about 45 minutes away to a charming little town near me. It was the perfect day for a small town. 


I just knew they’d have a store for crystals because it’s just that type of town, and sure enough, they did!



It was a really nice place, and the owner was super helpful since I was a first-timer. 

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She had me walk around the table and choose the stones that stood out to me. The colors don’t show as well in the picture, but I picked out a chunk of rose quartz, pyrite, and green aventurine. Then, just before I was about to check out I walked past the pendulums. I chose the amethyst. 

The owner said a small prayer as she waved smoke around my pendulum, and I walked out of that place with the biggest smile on my face. There was this internal feeling that coursed through me that I can not even describe. It felt so good. It was like the perfect moment. 


A few days later, after even more research on crystals, I wanted to try another shop. This one was about 25 minutes away. It wasn’t in a gorgeous area, but it was pretty busy, and the owner was sweet. 

I ended up grabbing a chunk of moonstone, citrine, clear quartz, and a moonstone bracelet that I’ve only taken off for showers and sleep since I got it. I absolutely love it. Keep your eyes peeled for posts about each of the stones I’ve bought so far!

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Other than that exciting stuff, I have literally been working nearly every day. But, the last couple of days were fun! Tuesday was my day off, and Will had the day off, as well. It’s not very often that we both have the day off together, so we took advantage and got a ton of stuff done. 

First, Will had an interview at 10 AM, so I went along and did some shopping until he was done. I didn’t end up buying anything, but I was just fine with looking. He met up with me after his interview, and we did a lot of looking together. Then, we headed for my doctor appointment which took less than 8 minutes total, including waiting time. It was so nice to be in and out. 

After that, we stopped for lunch at BWW. We haven’t been to together since probably last year, and it was one of our “first spots” so it was pretty sweet. After lunch, we headed to his doctor appointment, and then I finally got home in the late afternoon to get some work done. By the evening I was so tired, so I relaxed and watched TV for a while, which I never do, and went to bed early. It was such a good day!

Then, Wednesday was the Fourth of July! I had plans to watch fireworks with Will later on after we got off of work. Last year, we could see like 5 different shows from his house, but they were kind of lacking this year. We did get to see a show on Sunday night, so we didn’t miss out! But, he has friends come over, and they brought fireworks. They weren’t exciting ones, but they were something. It was mostly just a bunch of guys wanting to make things blow up. I just sat back. 

Anyway, I hope you all had a great Fourth! 
Remember to keep your eyes peeled for my crystal series and my relationship series!


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