Bigger & Better Things Are Here!

So, I’ve taken a mini-break on the blog, and I am so glad that I have. Although I’ve gotten behind, I’ve had the opportunity to clear my head, work on making a better plan for my life, and come up with some new really cool ideas for the blog.

Crystals & gemstones: I’ve written a few blog posts now about the Law of Attraction and how I’m bringing it into my life. Not only have I been working on my positive thoughts, gratitude, manifestation, and meditation, but I’ve also been using crystals and gemstones. This is something that is completely new to me, but I can feel the way my life is already changing in the short time that I’ve been using them. 

Not only my life but me, as well. Something has shifted internally like my third eye has finally been opened, and I owe all of that to the new mindset that I’ve been practicing and the rising of my vibration and frequency with the Universe. I want to get more into this incredible new world that I never thought could really exist in a new weekly series.

I’m going to share a new crystal or crystals every week. I want to share what it is, what it means, how I’m using it, and how it’s changing my life. I have a couple that are truly making an incredible difference, but I also have a couple that I haven’t worked with too closely yet, so if I skip a week or two, that’s why. I want to have the best grasp that I can on each stone I work with before reporting it back to you guys. 

Keep in mind, I am completely new to this. Compared to the professionals out there, I’m clueless, and I don’t know what I’m doing, but I do have my own personal experience with their power, and I can honestly say that they DO work. I’m living proof of that, and that’s all the proof that I need. 

New relationship series: Romantic relationships fascinate me. Trying to comprehend how two people who seem so great can last, and also how two people can put up with each other for 70 or 80+ years blows my mind. Both of these things are just so crazy to me. I’m a total romantic and if I could spend my life with one person for 70 years, I totally would. I’m just that type. Some people are just happier doing their own thing, but that’s not who I am. I love the idea of love, partnership, and family. For me, that is a safe haven and a happy place. (I’m a Cancer!)

But, that is something that has always been a major, major feat for me because I come from a childhood that didn’t have that type of love to look up to, and I suffer from anxiety which makes it beyond difficult! I’ve done so much research, and I’ve tried so many different things to find what works for me. It’s so interesting. That’s why I wrote The Relationship Bible for Anxiety, but I want to expand on that and do a weekly series to help other people like me! If you want to check out everything I’ve already published in my book, click the link and grab it! If you want 15% off, sign up for my newsletter, and it’ll be sent your way! 

There are so many more things I can’t wait to share, but that’ll come with time! I’ll also have my July newsletter out TOMORROW (a few days late), so sign up if you want to grab it! 



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