Roundup: My Most Popular Mental Health Posts!

The Balanced Belles was established in December 2017 and I’ve had multiple posts do really, really well. This is a short & simple piece, but I wanted to share my most popular mental health-related posts in one neat little package for my newest readers! I hope you enjoy!

8 things to do when depression hits hard


6 tips for better sleep when anxiety is keeping you awake


Mental health journals for anxiety & depression

Journal Guide Anxiety 1

4 things to do when you feel an anxiety attack coming on


How to recognize your own anxiety triggers & what to do about them

How to

10 ways to get out of a funk


35+ ways to practice self-love & care

35+ ways.png

9 articles to read when you’re feeling anxious & depressed


My symbolic accessories: Civion Vibe


My secret to organizing my life for mental health

My secret to.png

Which post did you find most helpful?


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