The Best Advice I’ve Received For My Anxiety!

My anxiety can make it hard for me to release control, even over other people. I think a lot of people can relate to that in my situation because anxiety is a need for control. Having control over everything would make anxiety really, really fade, if not disappear, but that’s not realistic, it’s not possible, nor is it acceptable (even if it would make our lives easier.) Free will, people!

This is truly one of my biggest faults. Sometimes it’s not too bad on a good mental health day, but on a bad mental health day, oh boy!

I was talking with my friend over the weekend, after a few days of me wanting to control everything and getting anxious that I couldn’t, and she gave me the best advice, and it’s something that I know will truly stick with me. 

Before I say it, I also want to mention that my want and need to have control also goes hand in hand with FOMO (the fear of missing out). Both of these are huge for me in regards to anxiety. But, I’d like to just focus on the need to control right now and leave FOMO for another post. 

So, here’s the advice that my friend gave me.

Think about what would make YOU happy at this very moment, and do it. 

It really is that simple. Get yourself so wrapped up in what you want to do that you no longer care about what anyone else is doing. You’re not worried about what’s happening anywhere except where you are.

I found this to be so eye-opening. 

I know this isn’t an easy feat, because it certainly isn’t for me, especially with anxiety trying to push it’s way through, but it is possible, and it will get easier with practice. 

I’ve preached that self-love and self-care are SO important, especially if you suffer from mental health issues, but that doesn’t mean that it comes easily to me or anyone else, but this is a good question to ask yourself when you find that times are getting tough. 

Put the focus back on you and what you can control and ask yourself, “what would make me happy at this very moment?”

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4 thoughts on “The Best Advice I’ve Received For My Anxiety!

  1. I would love to be at the beach, the sound of the waves calm me and I love it. I’ve thought about going for a few weeks but time hasn’t permitted. That’s great advice and it’s going on a sticky note in my car and wallet.

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