Healthy & Salty Snack: Sweet Potato Chips!

I’m really working on incorporating more recipes into my blog. After this yummy snack recipe, I have another 3 recipes scheduled, as well! 

There’s a health-related reason I want to incorporate more recipes on my blog, but that’s for another day! I’m not sure when yet…

Anyway, I’ve been spotting these sweet potato chips all over, and they’re SO incredibly easy, so I wanted to whip some up and share them with you!

Sweet potatoes

Olive oil


  1. Preheat the oven to 250 degrees 


  2. Slice your sweet potatoes as thin as possible. Seriously.


  3. Put a super light coat of olive oil on the slices. I would recommend using a brushing utensil instead of dipping. If you put too much, it makes them flimsy and soft. 


  4. Place the slices on a sheet and sprinkle with salt or whatever you choose. I used pink Himalayan salt.


  5. Stick them in the oven! Some of the cooking times I found said 20 minutes, but I needed over 40, and still, they weren’t great, but I know where I went wrong. I needed to make them even thinner, and use less oil! But, the ones that came out great, came out GREAT! I would start with 20 minutes and use your own judgment after that!



Have you ever tried sweet potato chips?
Do you prefer store bought or homemade?


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