How I’m Bringing My Dreams to Reality Using the Law of Attraction

Last week, I wrote a blog that was supposed to be a recap, but it turned into a post about my first experience practicing the law of attraction

I’ve promised twice now that I would write a post about exactly what I’m putting into practice daily to bring positivity and joy into my life through all of these different avenues, so here it is! 

As they say, “the thoughts that fire in your brain, wire your brain,” which is basically saying that the more negative thoughts you think, the more natural it’ll be for you to be a negative person, and it goes the same for positive thoughts. I’ve been working really hard on switching my mindset to think positive thoughts naturally because as we know, we attract what we think, and I am at a point in my life where I truly believe this 1000%! My life has proved this, and not always in a positive way, so I’m changing that! Now is the time, and it is working, so that’s why I’m here to share my steps towards a better life with YOU, my readers.

Meditation & Guides

I’ve been doing a lot of meditation lately, and I’m getting a lot better. It’s becoming easier for me to clear my mind and to focus on happy things. I’ve been using YouTube videos, guided meditations, and podcasts to keep my brain focused on the life I dream of. Some of my favorites include Robert Zink, Jake Ducey, Rasa Lukosiute, & YouAreCreators, but there are SO MANY, and I plan to try more! 

Check YouTube and find someone that you can really connect with. One thing I love about Jake Ducey is that he’s so positive and helpful, and it’s not meditation. I listen to him while I work, while I drive, and before bed if I don’t feel like meditating.

I’ve found that it’s really important to keep positive thoughts in the brain through these sources in the beginning while your mind is adjusting to thinking positive thoughts more naturally. I’m at the point where when I do think a negative thought, I’m able to correct myself instantly.

Daily List

I forget where I found this method (I think it was a Jake Ducey video), but I learned that writing down your dreams, desires, and all the things you want to attract and manifest into your life is one of the best ways to get it! 

Writing these things down can help you say them out loud, picture them, think about them, and actually focus on them one at a time, helping you to attract them faster. 

Makes sense, right?

I’ve been practicing this method (almost) daily, and I wanted to share just a few of mine with you!

I am so happy & grateful that I am making $________ a month. (I have a very specific number that I write down and you should too! Get specific!)
I am so happy & grateful for my healthy, fulfilling relationship.
I am so happy & grateful that all of my debt is paid off.
I am so happy & grateful that I am a full-time blogger.
I am so happy & grateful for this wonderful house that I own.
I am so happy & grateful my for high confidence & self-esteem.

Okay, so these are only a few of mine that I’m sharing to give you all an idea of how to make this work. Like I said, make it as specific as possible. This is something that I’m still learning and working on.

Also, one of the most important tips I’ve learned is to speak like you already have everything you’ve ever wanted! I didn’t say “I wish all of my debt was paid off…” because that’s putting out to the universe that I’m thinking negatively. Therefore, I’ll most likely attract even more debt by doing that, so even though you might feel kind of silly, you have to truly pretend and believe that you already have all of this. Shrug it all off and put out a vibe that you already have everything you want. Think about these things, and speak about them (I am so happy & grateful…) like you already have them, and the universe will see that. The universe will associate you with these desires, and will provide them! You’ll notice that things will start to align so these things are able to come into your life!

Please share with me how you practice the law of attraction & what LOA practice has brought into your life!!


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