Recap is back!

So, I haven’t done a normal recap in three weeks. (Has it really been that long???)

If you haven’t checked out my two recap replacements, here you go: 

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But, this week, I’m back! 

I have to be at work in a couple hours, so I’m gonna be quick, but I really wanted to get this recap out today! 


I’m just going to throwback to Sunday. It was a decent day! I had to work from 4-12 and work was smooth and easy. Those early shifts fly by! 


After I got off work, I went with my mom to Travis’. It had been a couple weeks since I’d seen the chickens and they’re so big! This totally made me want chickens one day. Once I walked around the corner, I was like, “They’re chickens!” They are definitely not little itty bitty chicks anymore. 


We didn’t stay too long. The night before I had bought a little plastic pool for the dogs. When Coby was a little younger he LOVED water. He was tiny and would splash around in his water dish like it was a bathtub, so I thought he would have fun splashing in the pool, but apparently, that was a no…

We had to bribe them with cheerios. 


Bella ate her cheerios and jumped right out. 

I was off work on Monday, and it was a great day! I worked at the table for hours, but I get so stiff sitting there. I had to get up and move. 


I walked for over an hour listening to podcasts. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over true crime, mysteries, and conspiracy theories. Kendall Rae & Joshledore have been my go-to for YouTube videos and podcasts. They’re also #relationshipgoals. 

It was such a nice day for walking! After I finished, I headed home to get showered and ready. Not sure why I showered the sweat off because once Will was done with work we headed for the basketball court anyway! We played for well over an hour and then headed off to get something to eat. It was nice to get so active during the day!


Tuesday was when things started going downhill a bit…

I tried to do a lot of work during the day because I was off, but I was getting that burnt out feeling. I thought it was strange because I’d had such an awesome day before, but I think it’s just overall. I think it’s because I’ve got my head, my projects, and my blog going in all different and new directions, so I’m just a bit overwhelmed.

I have so many ideas and plans going in my head that it is really overwhelming trying to get them all out and do a good job with them!

Since I’ve been getting really involved and interested in learning more about “the truth” and conspiracies, I wanted to go to the library to grab some books. I spent a really long time in there, and I loved it. 


Unfortunately, later on in the night during what was supposed to be a relaxing bath, my environment ended up making me very anxious, and I had a small panic attack. 

I laid in bed and did a manifestation meditation before I fell asleep. 

Wednesday started out as an amazing day! I worked at 4, and I was feeling energized and productive. But then it all hit. Shortly after I came back from a break, I was hit with nausea, dizziness, and the shakes. I was really afraid that I was either going to pass out or throw up. 

I ended up leaving work an hour early and fell asleep for two hours as soon as I got home. The nausea faded when I woke up, but I still had a bad headache. I only lasted an hour and a half before I felt horrible all over again. I took another two-hour nap, and when I woke up, I finally felt back to normal. 


I worked and relaxed for the rest of the night, but I ended up getting really anxious before bed and had nightmares all night. 


I did alright on Thursday morning. I worked at 12:30 (like today). The shifts are so hard because I feel like I can’t get enough done before work. It just messes with my productivity. So yesterday morning I just putzed around. Right before work, I had a trigger and ended up having a small panic attack and breakdown. It made for a long, frustrating day, and that’s leaking over to today, but I’m trying to be as positive as possible and keep myself busy! 

I’ve got this. 

Have a great weekend! 



6 thoughts on “Recap is back!

  1. Oh gosh babe, you’ve had a bit of a mixed week haven’t you?! Sending you so much love and positivity darling. I love how many animals and how much nature has gone into your pictures babe – so beautiful! I adore watching documentaries about conspiracies, I’m not much for podcats anymore or reading them, but I do love a good show on one so if you’d ever like a little ramble about some, tweet me! 🌸✨

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. It certainly was, Alisha, but I’m on to better things this week! And thank you! Summer is the time for pretty photos!
      I am falling into the craziest dark holes with these conspiracies! I think my favorite media besides podcasts right now is YouTube! There are some amazing YouTubers for conspiracies right now!

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