6 Gift Ideas for Your Graduate!

Whether you’re graduating elementary school and heading off to be a big, bad middle schooler, heading into the scary and exciting world of college, or entering the “real world,” graduation is always an exciting time! But, it can be tough to figure out what to get all the graduates in your life, especially those you may not know too well, like your husband’s coworker’s daughter. 

So, here are a few ideas to get you started! 



I think books are a wonderful, beautiful thing. I’m a reader and a writer, so I’m definitely all about books! One of the things I love most is that there is always a book for everyone. Absolutely everyone; any race, any ethnicity, any age, and for any interests. No matter what the grad in your life is graduating from, there is an awesome book for them!

Coffee Maker & Other Appliances

Coffee can be like oxygen for a lot of college students and adults. If your grad is heading off to a university or “the real world,” a Keurig could be the perfect gift! You could even splurge on a mini-fridge for the dorm room, or a microwave for the apartment! 

Hygienics & Other Basics

I know this might sound like a really strange gift, but we all know how expensive college and the real world are! It can be a struggle to even buy shampoo or deodorant! Can you imagine if someone just showed up on your doorstep with all of your favorite essentials that could last you the next 3-6 months depending on the product? Personally, I would MUCH rather have the basics as a gift than some knick-knack that will only collect dust until I finally sell it at a garage sale 20 years from now. Sometimes, practicality is the best gift! 

Gifts Cards

A lot of people go straight for gift cards for every occasion, and graduation is no different. Grab a gift card to a local restaurant, movie theater, your grad’s favorite clothing store, an office supply store for school supplies, or an Amazon card! The best thing about an Amazon gift card is that a lot of students buy their textbooks from Amazon! This could really help out with the cost!


Living off of ramen is only fun for a little while. Buy a big bag of your grad’s favorite drinks and snacks to take to school with them! Try to aim for healthier options like water bottles, protein bars, popcorn, or jerky. They’ll have plenty of unhealthy options in the college world!


If you are into more sentimental gifts, jewelry is a great way to go! Give them something that inspires them to go out and live their best lives! 

What was your favorite thing that you received when you graduated?
How many graduation parties are you attending this summer?



6 thoughts on “6 Gift Ideas for Your Graduate!

  1. gift cards are the best, then you dont have to worry about it being an unwanted gift.. they can treat themselves

    1. Absolutely! I even prefer getting gift cards or cash, so I can buy what I NEED. Honestly, I’d rather pay a bill or fill up my car instead of getting something I’d never use!

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