Busy Week! Chicks, Cones, Movies, Basketball, & Generalized Anxiety

Happy Friday! 

How was your week?

I’m just going to jump right in! I left my last recap off by mentioning that I had a hectic week coming up, and I certainly did! I do not have a single photo from last Saturday, but it was such a busy, busy day! 

I spent the morning with my mom. We went to visit with my Papa first thing in the morning and then ran a few errands. After we were done we stopped for lunch at one of our favorite places; The Village Grill. We always split the saganaki first! It’s incredible, and the big burst of flames always scares the people around us. It’s a fun time.

After I went home and got ready, I went to Will’s for his niece’s birthday party and spent the rest of my day there. It was such a long day, but we had a really nice time. 


On Sunday I got up early and finished my recap as fast as possible. My mom and I were catching an early movie, so I had to be quick!

We went to go see I Feel Pretty and it was so good! It was so funny, and it was one of those movies that leaves you feeling super powerful and inspired after! I loved it. 


Even though the movie left me feeling great mentally, I was physically so tired! It wasn’t caused by anxiety or anything, but I was just exhausted. It was 60 and sunny that day, so I sat on the porch and worked on the blog for the rest of the day. After that, I tried to sleep early because I had a 4 AM shift on Monday, but I could not get decent rest that night. 

After my shift on Monday, I had to swing by Will’s work for a few, and then I was finally able to head home and get to work on my to-do list. 


It was really nice out all day on Monday, and Will got off work much earlier than he usually does, so we had to take advantage. He and I headed to the park and played basketball for about an hour. 

Untitled design-5

Unfortunately, we missed the sunshine. It was pretty overcast by the time we got there, but it was still a lot of fun. My arms were actually really sore from shooting the ball the next day.

I have a couple videos posted on Instagram! 

Tuesday was such a laid back day. It was so nice. I worked during the day and then I went with my mom to take Coby to an appointment at the vet. He’d been licking his left paw like crazy for a couple days and was making the skin raw, so we took him in. 


Thankfully, it was nothing serious. Just an irritated scratch that was bothering him as it healed. But… he still came home with a cone. It was so adorable. We only kept it on for the rest of the day, and that night. The following day we just kept an eye on him, and he never bothered his paw, so we didn’t make him suffer with the cone of shame anymore. He was such a good boy. 

I relaxed in the bathtub after we go home and then headed to bed!

I hate to admit it, but Wednesday was such a wasted day! I worked early (4-12) and usually use those days to get a ton of writing & blogging done, but it was not in the cards for me that day! I was so, so tired when I got home. I ate lunch and then laid down for a few thinking I would just rest. I woke up at 7 PM… oops! I guess I needed it! 

By the time I woke up, my brother was home, and he brought surprises…




He’s going to be raising chickens at his house, so we have the babies here for now. There’s six, so far. A couple exotic breeds that he’s very proud of, but I’d never be able to remember the names. 


We hatched chickens when we were younger. It was something my mom really wanted us to experience, so needless to say, she’s very thrilled to have chicks again and totally in love with the chicks. 


Just like when we were younger, they’re happy and safe in the bathtub with a heat lamp, and the bathroom door is closed to keep the cats and dogs out. Jake and Bella could really care less, but Coby is afraid of them. We’ve let him sniff them when we play with them, but he just leans in and then backs up real quick and keeps a close eye on them; probably in case they move a feather, Heaven forbid. 

We play with them as much as we can, because my brother really wants them to be social as they grow up, and get used to having people around. It’s been so fun! 

He already has their coop built and ready to go whenever they’re ready! They played around in it yesterday until it got too chilly, and then they went straight back to the bathtub. They were hopping all over my brother like he was the chicken whisperer.


Thankfully, the majority of my week was good mentally. I made it through without any major things happening… until yesterday! Yesterday morning was beyond rough. 

If you read my recaps, then you know that usually my anxiety is triggered by a specific person or situation (usually ridiculous ones), but this past week, I’ve found my anxiety to be more generalized. 

I have been SO MUCH BETTER at controlling my emotions, staying calm, fighting my anxious thoughts, and pushing through my anxious moments with the least damage possible. Of course, I have my bad days, but overall, all the incredible tips, tricks, and tactics I have learned and implemented are making a difference! 

With that being said, I’m wondering if my anxiety is becoming more generalized because I’m improving with handling my “triggers.” I’m at the point where small things that used to set me off, really don’t get to me anymore, so my anxiety doesn’t have a specific thing to focus on. So the “real” me is super ecstatic that the little things didn’t get to me, but then my anxiety has to pipe in and say, “well, that was great, but it was too great! There’s no way anything can be too great! Nothing bad happened… something bad always happens. Freak out over nothing!!! And… GO!”

Now, say that 5 times fast! This is the reason I am so mentally exhausted all the time. That anxious voice really takes it out of me. This whole generalized anxiety thing is really new for me, so I have a lot to learn on how to deal, so as I do, I’ll be posting!

Anyway, yesterday was just an overall bad anxiety day! I tried to escape it by going on a walk, but I’d already started a load of laundry which my headphones ended up in… oops… so I couldn’t listen to anything, but it didn’t really matter, because my phone dies after two and a half laps anyway. 

But, my day got much better once I went to work for the late shift. I absolutely hate the late shift, but I was working with good people, and it was a relaxing night, so we had a lot of fun! Of course, the chicks were out playing when I got home, so I sat with my brother (Travis) and my mom, and we played for a while. The chicks passed out in our hands. Travis had four of them snuggled together on his chest. I really wanted to get a photo, but my hands were occupied. Next time!! 🙂

Have a great weekend! 

And, keep an eye out for my post on Wednesday! I have a new series coming! 



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