Make Yourself Proud – My Favorite Self-Esteem Booster for Anxiety & Depression!

About a week ago I was talking to someone, and she was going on about how much she despises her job, which I’ve definitely been able to relate to at multiple times in my life, but right now, I’m actually enjoying my job! It is by no means my dream job, but hey, that’s why I’m busting my ass to blog full-time! 

Anyway, the hatred of the job is something that comes up very often in conversations. It’s to the point where it is affecting all other aspects of her life, she’s continuously miserable, (and it certainly shows), and it is making her anxiety so much worse than it could be. 

Every time the complaints start, I say…

“Why don’t you just leave?”
“Find a new job.”
“Have you applied anywhere yet?”
“Have you considered giving _______ a shot?”
“Oh, you’d be so good at ______!”
I’ve even sent her a photo of a potential job opportunity. 

I have literally tried tough love, encouragement, support, offering suggestions and my help to get them started; I’ve also tried to use my own story as proof that things can get better. I try to paint a picture of how things could be if she would just leave!

Finally, I just couldn’t take it and one day, and I finally said, “then just leave!”

For that, I am apparently an “asshole,” and I supposedly know that she “can’t just leave.”

This person does not receive any positive benefit from this job besides a paycheck, she already has several hundred dollars in savings and does not live paycheck to paycheck, only has two bills to pay, a vehicle capable of reaching another destination, and absolutely zero scheduling conflicts. 

That conversation just really lit a fire under my ass and got me thinking about my own life, and it made me so grateful. I don’t have a lot, and I’m not in the best position in life. I’m living somewhere temporarily, I do live paycheck to paycheck, I have thousands upon thousands of dollars in debt, and that sucks, but nothing sucks worse than hating your life

I’d rather enjoy my job than have a ton of money in savings!
I’d rather live paycheck to paycheck and have the opportunity to build this blog along the way!
I’d rather live somewhere temporarily and be able to write my books and go back to school!

I may not be in the best place mentally, emotionally, physically, or financially, but I have the want, the desire, the strength, the capability, and the opportunity to improve all of that. I work daily to better myself, to achieve my goals, to become happier, and to find my freedom.

Some days, I don’t. Some days I get weak and can’t do any of that. Somedays I feel like I go backward, but I still find the strength to push forward. 

It was actually this conversation that made me so excited to go back to school and get my degree! I felt proud of myself for not allowing the fear to get the best of me, and keep me in a spot in my life that I hate. 

Would I love to already be married with babies, have financial freedom, be finished with my master’s degree, and have a cozy house? Of course, I would! But I can’t sit on my ass and expect these things to happen and I won’t be that type to just complain for the rest of my life, but do nothing to make changes. 

This conversation actually boosted my own self-esteem & confidence because I started to imagine the woman I’ve been working to become. I thought about going back to school and one day being able to tell people:

“Oh yeah, I just finished my masters at WSU!”
“I have a fantastic job. My blog has exploded!”
“I’m getting married!”
“I am officially a homeowner!”
“I’m pregnant!”
“My latest book hit the NY Times Bestseller’s List!”

I thought about all the amazing things I want to do with my life, and it made me smile. I don’t want to use the word brag, because it sounds so negative, but if you need a self-esteem/confidence booster, think about what you would be super proud to share with others! What would make you giddy to call and tell your mom, your man, and your best friend?

Once you have a list, start working towards those things. Once you’re building the path to the life you’ve only dreamed of living, you will feel so strong, so capable, and so powerful. It made me feel in control, and that helped me release so much anxiety! It has made me feel beautiful, smart, passionate, and motivated! This confidence boost was exactly what I needed!

Give this method a try & let me know if it works for you!


8 thoughts on “Make Yourself Proud – My Favorite Self-Esteem Booster for Anxiety & Depression!

  1. Hi,

    Wonderful post. Here is my comment. Bob Marley said ” None but ourselves can free our minds.” I ,like you also try to be understanding sometimes. Time and time again, the thought that comes to mind is that ” this life is what we make it is” This is my way of saying that we are in charge of our own lives, decision or choice. When I think about the things I want to do with my life, i feel happy and grateful. I also make a list of things i want to do and classify them into short, intermediate and long term goals. Besides this, there is also my daily to do list. I also make a decision to be happy all the time no matter what. In that way i attract positive vibes. When life tries to pull me down, I smile in my heart. The smile in my heart is for me the greatest power. You should try it. You will find all that bad feeling go away. And the way that I smile is that I think of something so powerful, like the smile of my 8 months old son. You should try it too.

    Cheers and have a blessed day.

    1. That was really excellent advice! Keeping a smile on your face, even when times gets tough, is such a strong, brave thing to do!

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