An easy mental week; reading, dog walks, & surprise​ visits!

I am a whole two days late on my recap, but work has been my entire life for the last few days, so catching up at home was tough, but I’m back! And I’m happy to report that MOST of my week was actually very good!

Last Friday I started going totally stir crazy at home while I worked so I put it all away and went for a long walk through the neighborhood. I am so happy that the weather is finally getting nicer. Walks really are therapeutic. After I got home, I had a bowl of frozen pineapple (my current favorite snack) and cuddled with the dogs for a while. Later on, I headed over to Will’s for a movie.


On Saturday, I just couldn’t get my energy when I woke up. I really think spring allergies are hitting me hard because I’ve been stuffy and sneezing (still am!) But, I showered, had some grapefruit and yogurt for breakfast and then went to work later in the afternoon.


Sunday was a really great day. I’ve been thinking about why I’ve been struggling so badly with work, motivation, and production. I sit down for hours and hours every time I’m home, and I feel like I barely get anything done and that’s just not like me.

I’ve realized that I’m just really burnt out. I spend SO much time trying to focus on it that I don’t give myself any time to not have my work in front of me, so I decided to take Sunday off for a mental health day. I didn’t do any work all day long.


In the afternoon, I headed to my favorite bookstore and went on a mini shopping spree. I got 7 books for $40!!

I was meeting up with my family about 40 minutes later at a restaurant right down the street so with the extra time I had, I sat back in the car with the window down and started reading one of my new books. I love doing random things like this and taking “me time” away from home. It’s so relaxing.


After dinner, my mom and I took all three dogs for a walk at the track. We don’t do this very often because Jake (Beagle) doesn’t walk well in public and Bella’s (brown pom) little legs can’t walk too long before she gets tired out. But, it was a really nice day, and they needed to get out and get some exercise.


I took a bubble bath and did some reading when I got home before bed!


I’ve been getting a little tired of water and my usual tea flavors so on Monday morning I made lemon, lime, & mint water. I squeezed two lemons and a lime into the cup and then poured it into a gallon of water and mixed a few mint leaves in there. So good!

I had my water with grapefruit and oatmeal for breakfast and then went to work all day.


Tuesday was another really excellent day. I woke up with the sun and headed for the track.


It was beautiful out! Unfortunately, it was also freezing. I made it three laps around the track before I headed home. I couldn’t feel my thighs anymore. I was so disappointed because mentally, I was 100% in on this walk. I had funny YouTube videos to listen to, and I could have walked for hours.

After I got home, I hopped in the shower and then headed for the library.


I need somewhere to work besides home and Panera gets expensive, so I figured the library would be perfect.


I ended up staying for three and a half hours. It was so peaceful and will definitely be my new spot!


I was really hungry on my way home, so I stopped at Tropical Smoothie and grabbed a Detox Island Green smoothie with moringa powder. It was so good! Later on, after I got home, I was winding down for the night, and I was ready to take a bath, read, and then get into bed. I had to be up for work super early the next day. 


Just as I was about to head into the bathroom, my phone rang. It was Will, and he asked if I could do him a favor; come outside. I go outside, and he’s standing there with a big bouquet! I could not believe it. Of course, I cried… I really wish I had a picture of him standing there, but I was so thrown off and caught up in the moment. 

As I was hugging him, thanking him, and crying all at once, he told me to go inside and change because he’s taking me to see a movie. 

We ended up going to see Black Panther and had the greatest night. 


When you lose a man at the movie theater, where is the first place you look? The arcade, duh! 

Will really wanted to take me out to eat after the movie, but I had to be up sooo early (3 AM), so we skipped dinner, and I made it home at 10:30. 

Of course, I was absolutely exhausted on Wednesday, but it was so worth it! I honestly didn’t make any notes about my day, so I really don’t remember much! But, I worked until 10:30 AM, and then got some sleep that night before spontaneously (again) spending some time with Will. We watched movies, laughed, talked, and just relaxed. I ended up staying with him until 4 AM on Thursday morning. Sometimes, spontaneity is the most fun! 


I didn’t have to work until 3 PM on Thursday, so I caught up on my sleep. Unfortunately, all day at work I just felt off. I felt on edge and anxious. I was very closed-off for the day and really just kept to myself. 

I’ve been thinking a lot about mindfulness and the benefits of minimalization, like how amazing it can be for soothing anxiety! With so many benefits, I thought I would start applying minimalization to my life; first up, the home! 

As I was working on cleaning things out at home on Friday morning, out of nowhere, I got super nauseous. I still have no idea why. It was so sudden. I know ginger is supposed to be really good for nausea, so I started sipping on ginger tea for the day. I had to work at three so around noon, I laid down and hoped the nausea would pass by the time I needed to be at work. I rolled out of bed at 2:20 from a nap and felt even worse. I made it to work, and the ginger tea wasn’t doing a damn thing, but I’ve really been trying to stay away from medicine and make more mindful choices to choose natural remedies. 

I still had about 5 hours left of work, and I knew if the nausea kept up, I wasn’t going to make it. My Nana always used to say that sipping plain Coke will ease an upset stomach, so I got desperate, went out, & bought a Coke. A few sips in… gone! Swear. 

The nausea came back a few hours later, but it was completely manageable this time around. 

Do you have any strange remedies that work for you?
How was your week?


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