4 Things To Do When You Feel An Anxiety Attack Coming On

Anxiety attacks are horrendous, and if you suffer from moderate or severe anxiety, chances are you’ve suffered an attack or two, or… a million. Regardless of how many you’ve suffered, it is never fun, and it never gets easier.

With that being said, I’ve had a lot of practice and have tried a lot of methods to find what works for me in preventing them, so they’ve become far and few between, even on my most anxious days. 

Since these are tips that have personally worked for me, I thought I’d share them with hopes that they may work for you, too! 

Deep breathing & meditation

The second I can feel my anxiety rising, my heart racing, and my body starting to jitter, I begin my deep breathing immediately. The deep breathing helps me release stress from my body, and it gives me something else to focus on besides the anxiety trigger. Meditation has helped me make the transition to deep breathing as natural as possible. 

Close your eyes

While I work on my breathing, I like to keep my eyes closed. I block out everything around me so I can put 100% of my focus on where it needs to be. 

Recognize your attack for what it is

It’s so important (especially if anxiety attacks are new for you) to remind yourself that you’re not dying and this feeling will not last forever. It’s going to come to an end, and you’re going to be fine. Even though you may not feel it right now, you’re safe.

Focus your mind on logical & rational thoughts

Even when you’re feeling anxious, it is possible to think logically, I swear. It’s hard not to just tell your logical thoughts to kiss your ass, but if you want to shake it, you have to listen to them and try to understand. At least if you can process the rational thoughts, you’ll feel better knowing that your fears are just in your head. 

Do you suffer attacks often?
How do you cope with anxiety attacks?


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