9 Articles to Read When You’re Feeling Anxious & Depressed

One of the best ways for me to combat anxiety is to fill my negative brain with positivity, light, and love. When I start feeling anxious, I love to go straight to the internet and start reading articles that can help me with whatever I’m feeling at the moment. It can help adjust my mindset, and it can also remind me that I am NOT the only person feeling the way that I do. I am not the only victim and I am not the only sufferer. 

These are articles that I read when I’m struggling with my individuality, independence, self-esteem, and self-love!

6 Ways To Be More Self-Sufficient & Independent: Raven Ishak; Bustle

7 Ways To Learn To Love Yourself Unconditionally: Deepak Chopra; Huffington Post

10 Things To Try When You’re Feeling Lonely: Tony Bernhard; Psychology Today

How To Cope When You Don’t Get The Attention You Want: Kim Moseman; The Odyssey

8 Ways To Get Through The Day When You’re Depressed: David Blistein; Everyday Health

12 Things Strong Independent Girls Don’t Do: Chris Haigh; Life Hack

17 Habits of Happy Independent Women: Amanda Chatel; Bolde

If You’re Lonely Because You’re Single, You’re Living Life All Wrong: Kelsey Dykstra; Bolde

A Roadmap to Overcoming Insecurities: Leo Babauta; Zen Habits

List one of your favorite articles in the comments!


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