Motivationless, migraines, & meals!

I feel like I’m losing my mind and just so out of place lately. For years, getting my work done at home (writing, editing, working on anything blog-related, etc.) has been my favorite thing in the world. 

It normally makes me feel proud, productive, and accomplished, but lately, it’s actually been feeling like awful work, and I just don’t know why! I’ve been tired, sluggish, bored, my headaches are refusing to ever go away, and I just feel so blah. I really, really hate to start a recap post out like this, as I try to keep things as positive as possible, but I also like to keep them realistic, and I’m human, so there we go. 


With that being said, I’ll go a little more in depth, so let’s throwback to Monday. It was definitely one of those really lazy, mentally messed up days. 

To try to get my mind on track and my life back in order, I decided to set 90-day goals along with smaller tasks. I had to think about what I want to accomplish and how I can actually make these things happen. 


I also published my post on 6 Tips For Better Sleep When Anxiety is Keeping You Awake.

I literally spent the majority of my day trying to focus on work until I finally gave up in the evening and resorted to a Gilmore Girls marathon in bed. 

I had to work at 7 on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I only lasted at work until 11:30 before I headed home with possibly the worst migraine and case of nausea I have ever had. The second I got home, (after letting the dogs out) I grabbed an ice pack from the freezer, pulled my work clothes off, shut the curtains, and crawled into bed where I stayed for the entire rest of the day. Around three I woke up and the migraine had faded to a mild headache, and the nausea had stopped, so I attempted to eat, but halfway through it came back full force and knocked me out again. 

I hated to leave work early, especially at my new location because I don’t absolutely despise the place, but I’m glad I did. I felt HORRIBLE.


This was my “I’m sad, and everything hurts so bad; please just kill me now” Snap that I sent to Will during one of the “mild headache” phases. I barely ever use the thing, but if you’re interested in connecting, my username is hlyn8135!


Thankfully, Wednesday turned out to be much better! As soon as I woke up, I headed to the grocery store. I really feel like part of my cloudy-minded problem is unhealthy food, so I grabbed as many natural foods as possible to help me clean up my diet. 

I bought cod, salmon, brown rice, carrots, asparagus, pineapple, apples, grapefruit, chicken, lemons, limes, mint, watermelon, water, kombucha, peaches, etc. I’m doing some research on body detoxes to help cleanse the toxins from my body. If I find something I like and plan to do, I’ll definitely post!


After unloading the groceries, I meal prepped the brown rice, asparagus, cod, and salmon. I did two dishes of each fish and froze the rest, so nothing goes to waste. The stuff gets expensive!!


While I was meal-prepping, I warmed up one of my banana oatmeal muffins. I froze the leftovers so I can pull one out whenever. 


And I had a cup of one of my new teas; rose hibiscus. I also brought green kombucha tea, but I haven’t tried it yet. 

After I was done in the kitchen, I sat down to get some work done (and nothing happened there…) so I hopped in the shower and started getting ready. I had plans with Will that evening after he got out of work. We went out and grabbed dinner and still had a really great time even though life was throwing us about a million distractions and diversions. 

After I got home that night, I crawled into bed and just relaxed. I was exhausted. 


Yesterday morning I didn’t crawl out of bed until nearly 8:30, despite passing out pretty early the night before. As soon as I got up, I had mango ginger tea and a grapefruit for breakfast. I’d love to turn this into a morning habit. I tried to focus in on my work after I ate, but again, my mind was all over the place! 


I gave up on trying to force myself and thought that a bit of relaxation might help. I filled up the tub, lit my favorite candle, and had a little reading session. I’m almost done with my current read, and I love it! If I could get enough people to sign up for a monthly reading club on here, that would be so fun! 

And as usual, I had Kelly next to me, just enthralled by the water! Her momma even joined this time. It’s like a meeting at the watering hole when I take a bath here. It’s the strangest thing, but I love it. 


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