6 Tips For Better Sleep When Anxiety Is Keeping You Awake​


Anxiety is absolutely exhausting, and there’s no doubt about it. It can literally make you physically exhausted to the point where you feel too tired and weak to even get out of bed. But, at the same time, you also can’t seem to fall asleep because your thoughts are racing a million miles an hour, especially when the world around you gets quiet. That gives your brain the opportunity to come up with every single anxious thought that it can, which can literally keep you awake ALL NIGHT LONG!

And let me tell you, exhaustion and irritability only make anxiety worse. It’s a really vicious cycle that is terrible to fall into, but there are some strategies that can help!

  • Take a bath

Taking a bath before bed makes me feel so sleepy and relaxed. I love warming up in the tub and reading a book or just closing my eyes for a while. I also suggest using a calming bath salt like lavender.

  • Meditate

Meditation is getting easier for me as I continue to practice and when I’m laying in bed wide awake, meditation has actually helped me drift to sleep. It helps me remove the thoughts from my mind and slow down so I can have a peaceful sleep. I use Headspace for guided meditation because I find the voice to be really soothing, but you can use any app or look on YouTube. 

  • Drink tea

Chamomile tea is a really great option for a pre-sleep drink! Make sure you do your research on types of tea and don’t go for something that has caffeine, like green tea. I also just found a Yogi tea called Soothing Caramel Bedtime. 

  • Journal

Journaling is a really good habit to add to your bedtime routine. You can just journal about your feelings and your day, use a gratitude journal, or a mental health journal guide! Regardless of what type of journal method you choose, it’s always super helpful to do a little brain dump before bed!

  • Focus on your breathing

Breathing also goes along with meditation. When I can’t sleep because I’m feeling anxious, focusing on rhythmic breathing and slowing my heart rate is my always my go-to. It calms my mind and relaxes my body enough to send me to sleep. 

  • Stay OFF your phone

If you need to, shut your phone off, or put it on silent or do not disturb. Put it all the way across the room if you need to. I’ve done it! My phone is one of the biggest distractions that can keep me up, even when I’m exhausted. We’re all guilty of spending hours on our phone when we could have used that time to get some rest, so put it away! Give yourself a phone-use curfew if you have to! 

Does anxiety keep you up?
What is your best tip for getting to sleep?


10 thoughts on “6 Tips For Better Sleep When Anxiety Is Keeping You Awake​

  1. Great post … thanks for sharing! I like to have a pad of paper by the bed too in case I have a sudden thought late at night and then spend the next hour trying not to forget it, whilst not being bothered to go all downstairs and find a pen! Anxiety is an absolute bugger I must say, but I’m working hard to alleviate it. Thanks again. Katie x

    1. That’s a great idea, Katie! Thank you so much for adding that in! I’ve heard that that’s helpful for so many.

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