Guess what day it is!

I think “national/world days” are really fun, and today is the perfect day for some self-love celebration.

Today is World Compliment Day

I thought it would be entertaining to share this day with you guys and give everyone a little challenge. Post a photo of yourself on Instagram and give yourself 10 compliments in the caption! Find 10 things you love about yourself emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, etc. 

Then, tag me in the photo and use #worldcomplimentday! 

I can’t wait to see your photos!

Here’s mine: 


1. My hair looks great today!
2. I’m extremely loyal!
3. I take care of those I love!
4. I’m passionate!
5. I have pretty eyes!
6. I’m learning to have more faith in God!
7. I’m learning to love myself more!
8. I’m becoming less dependent on others!
9. I may have anxiety and depression, but I’m becoming stronger every single day!
10. I know what I want, and I work for it!


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