5 Reasons Why Unplugging From Social Media Will Boost Your Mental Health

As much as we all love to post photos on Instagram and to update everyone on our lives, and while we’re all a little too obsessed with social media, I think we can all agree that it can also be damaging to our mental health.

Don’t get me wrong, being a blogger, I obviously have to spend quite a bit of time on social media and blogs. You could stick me in a room all by myself with Thought Catalog in front of me and I would be content for daaaays! 

But, there’s another part of me that absolutely loathes technology and social media. Of course, I love the convenience, but on the other hand, I know it would be so much easier to just hop back a few decades and live without all of the technology at our fingertips. 

Social media has a way of making lives look “perfect” because most people only post the best of the best, right? But, we all know that it’s only half of the story. Even so, it has a way of making us feel jealous, envious, incompetent, lonely, and resentful like we’re just not good enough, and that part sucks!

Since beginning my journey of self-love and care two months ago, I’ve learned the importance of unplugging from social media on a regular basis. As hard as it may be, I suggest:

  • Shutting your phone off or turning it on silence and putting it away for a few hours while you do an activity
  • Leaving your phone at home while you run to the grocery store
  • Turning off social media notifications

Yes, the ability to connect to others at any point in time can be wonderful, but it’s prevented us from living in the moment and just being, whether it’s with other people or just ourselves. 

If I haven’t convinced you, yet, here are 5 more reasons to unplug more often:

You can learn to see your OWN beauty

You need to learn to stop waiting for likes, comments, and approval from others. That has become a sickening habit in this generation. If you don’t any more than X amount of likes, you start feeling ugly and worthless, but WHO GIVES A DAMN? Without relying on that type of reassurance, you can learn to reassure yourself, see your own beauty in the mirror, and love yourself even more!

You can actually enjoy what you’re doing

Enjoy your life instead of missing out on good conversations and obnoxious laughter because you’re too caught up in your Facebook feed. You know those people that miss an entire live concert in front of them because they’re too busy watching it on their cell phone screen as they record? Buddy… you could have saved your money and watched this on YouTube 20 minutes after the show ended if you wanted to watch from a screen anyway… OR you can sing, dance, and enjoy the show!

You can learn to enjoy your own company

Enjoy being by yourself without getting caught up in what everyone else is doing. I know this is one of my worst habits. I see people out late at a bar on a Saturday night while I’m hanging out, eating, and drinking with my best friend. It makes me think, “oh, should I be out there doing that?” You have to realize that the answer is NO! Do what makes you happy and quit caring about what everyone else is doing. It’ll leave you feeling much more satisfied aka no more FOMO!

You can get to know YOU

Get to know yourself without all of the noise of the world to distract you. Do you even remember what your favorite hobbies are anymore? Because let’s be honest, scrolling Pinterest doesn’t count. Figure out what you love! Maybe it’s painting, or yoga, or kickboxing, or writing poems. Hell, maybe it’s making sandcastles at the beach. I don’t really care! Just go find it and do it for yourself! Get to know who you are again and find your identity.

You will feel less pressured, less anxious, and less depressed

When I avoid social media, I really feel more confident in who I am and content with where I’m going with life. I quit feeling like I constantly have to “catch up” to what everyone else my age is doing. I don’t feel that constant pressure and I continue working hard for me, not for anyone else. 

How do you feel about social media?
What is your least favorite social media site?
Does social media make you feel pressured?


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