5 Skincare Tips for Self-Love

Happy Monday! 

Skincare is something I’ve wanted to put a lot more of an effort into, and it was actually my self-love challenge that inspired this! Once I started doing the challenge, I started doing a few things that actually helped my skin begin to clear up and glow! It’s not where I want it to be yet, but I can certainly tell the difference. So I wanted to share my top 5 skincare tips for self-love that’ll definitely make you see a difference in your skin’s appearance! 

Take advantage of lemons, water, & tea

Lemons have so many incredible benefits including glowing skin! And we all know how beneficial water and tea are for your overall health so once you throw those all together, it’s like a miracle in a mug. It’s so easy, too! Increase your water intake and toss some lemon slices in there with a tea bag and you’re going to flush out those nasty toxins and clear up your skin!

Wear a face mask

Face masks are one of the things I started doing as a part of my self-love & care once or twice a week. It’s super relaxing, easy to do, and makes you feel like you’re being pampered at a spa. I love the face masks that I pick up from CVS! They’re usually 2/$5, and all have different benefits so you can find one that works for you and your needs. My current favorite is the charcoal. It really smoothes out my skin. 

Wash your face twice a day

It’s important to keep your skin clean and free of dirt and oil that clogs up your pores. Wash your face in the morning after it’s been laying on your pillow all night and again before bed to wash away all that gunk from the day. 


This is probably the one I am the worst at, but I’m really trying to make moisturizing a daily habit, especially in the winter after a hot shower. I have a moisturizer that is designed for face care and several lotions that I use on the rest of my body. Once you start moisturizing your face after each shower, you will definitely notice a difference with softer, more even skin. 

Limit your makeup

It is NEVER necessary to cake your makeup on, and I wish that this was something that more girls understood. A little makeup goes a looong way, and it’s better for your skin! The less you use, the less you’re going to need in the long run! I’m not a huge fan of makeup, and I rarely wear it, but when I do, it’s not much. If you’re not doing anything significant, try to keep the makeup light, or go natural, and always wash it off at the end of the day!

What are your skincare tips?
Do you use a natural face wash that you just love?
Are you a fan of facemasks? If so, which is your favorite?


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