My Secret to Organizing My Life for Mental Health


Anxiety is a consistent nagging fear of the unknown and of what the future might bring. I am NOT a last minute person, and waiting on the confirmation of plans is a trigger for my anxiety. I’m working on becoming more of a go-with-the-flow type of girl, but it’s tough for me. If I’m not organized and scheduled, I don’t even know what to do with myself. 

One of the best ways for me to stay scheduled and organized to ease my anxiety is to use my Erin Condren on-the-go Life Planner. This planner helps keep my head straight with everything I have going on in life. 

One of my absolute favorite things about my planner is that it’s customized for ME. I chose a bright, colorful cover with an inspiring quote and my name on the bottom because it’s about me. Having a space to dedicate to everything in your life is so important. 


I am so much more likely to want to use my planner if it’s bright and welcoming. A dull, drab planner just doesn’t cut it. I quit using it because I get bored. But once I found Erin Condren three years ago, the ways of planning completely changed for me. You can even order interchangeable covers! How cool is that?

My quote on the front of my planner says, “every day is a fresh start.” I chose that quote because it really spoke to my anxiety as a gentle reminder that every single day is a chance to improve and to grow. Every day is a new chance to fight to become the woman I strive to be.


But, like I said, I chose a cover with a quote because it fit me. You can choose from an array of colors, quotes, personal photos, and designs! I pick something new every year!

Now, let’s jump inside! In addition to the quote on my cover, the inside is plastered with inspiring quotes, as well.


There’s even a fun place to write out some of your goals for the year! 

Instead of just writing on your calendars, you can even add fun and colorful stickers! There is a ton of handy accessories you can choose from to spice up your planner! I have vivid, miscellaneous stickers, Stickers with reminders, customizable stickers and labels that I can write on, plus activity and appointment stickers!


Let’s be honest; pretty things are fun! I get a lot more excited planning out my days when I use pretty things. It’s a womanly fact! 


Now, if the Life Planner (also available in hardcover) doesn’t float your boat, you’re still guaranteed to find something that will! Erin Condren also creates:

Teacher Lesson Planners
Monthly Planners (also available in deluxe)
Academic Planners
Wedding Planners
Petite Planners
Address Books

Back-to-school tools (including sorority collections)
Lunch Totes
Laptop Cases
Writing Utensils
Desktop Calendars
Pillows & Decor
Flip Flops

This is only a portion of the incredible life accessories you can get from Erin Condren. I’ve been obsessed for years,  and this is the ONLY planner I use anymore. If she releases a blog planner… oh, Lord. I’ll probably cry tears of joy because it’ll be the cutest thing ever. 

I plan to start college courses back up this summer, so I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the back-to-school tools and build-a-binder! I’ll share my choices once I get them! Remember how school was just so much more exciting when you had super cute accessories? I’m 23 and still feel that way…

Take a look at some of the products and let me know what your favorite is! 


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