8 Things To Do When Depression Hits Hard



Overall, I’ve really been coming out of my deep depression. It’s been a fierce battle that I still fight daily. Even though I’m winning, there are still some days where I just cannot seem to find the energy to fight that battle, and yesterday was one of those days. 

If you suffer from depression, then I know you understand. It can really seem like everything is starting to look up and you’re feeling fine, and then suddenly, it’s like you’re back to square one. You wake up and just can’t even seem to find the motivation to get out of bed, let alone get dressed, leave the house, or accomplish anything important. 

My days at home are always my favorite, most productive days. Those are the days where I feel safe, comfortable, and I get to do the things I love most; work on my blog and my writing! It’s one of my happy places! I laid in bed writing my to-do list yesterday morning with every intention of getting a ton accomplished, but after a little while, nothing on my list sounded appealing, and I’d lost all motivation to work towards anything at all. Unfortunately, I know this feeling all too well, but on the plus side, that also means I know how to fight it, as I have so many times before. 

I thought it would be beneficial to share my tips and tricks for beating depression on the days when it just hits too hard for you to handle. 

Own up to it

Just face it. Don’t try to convince yourself that you’re fine, you’re just tired, or you’re a lazy person. Just say it, “I have depression.” Be honest with yourself, because you can’t fight the enemy if you refuse to recognize it for what it is. 

Get out of bed

Getting out of bed can feel as exhausting as running a marathon on these days, but it is absolutely necessary. If you’re serious about fighting this battle, GET UP! 

Take care of your basic hygiene

Basic hygiene is not something that you can allow to slide through the cracks just because of your mental state. These things may seem pointless, but take a hot shower, brush your teeth and put on anything other than pajamas. Even yoga pants are okay. Just get out of your pajamas and clean your self. 

Doing your hair and makeup is really not necessary. As long as you cover the basics, you’re on the right track!

Complete simple tasks

Make your bed, put your laundry away, or wash the dishes you’ve been avoiding. Just do basic, simple things that need to be done around the house. Even those little accomplishments can make you feel a bit more at ease. 

Leave the house

You don’t have to go run errands for three hours or do anything crazy but just go outside. Even if you go walk around the block or grab a few things from Wal-Mart, that’s okay. Just get out into the world for a little bit. Changing up your environment is a really useful pick-me-up. 

Write about it

Journaling has been proven to increase your mood and lower anxiety. Spilling all of your feelings (like a brain dump) can do wonders. But, if you struggle to keep up with journaling, give the Mental Health Journal Guide for Depression a try! There’s also one for Anxiety!

Use your lifelines 

When you’re feeling down, call a friend or your mom, or talk to your therapist. You can even message ME! Just find someone that you can be honest with about how you’re feeling, even if you’re not sure why you’re feeling that way. Knowing that you still have support surrounding you can really make a difference. 

Go easy on yourself 

When all else fails, give yourself permission to TEMPORARILY check out for the day. If nothing seems to be working and you just can’t shake the darkness, curl up on the couch with some ice cream and your favorite TV show, or go take a nap. It’s okay to need this time once in a while. Everyone does. Just make sure you don’t stay there. Give yourself that mental break, and then get back to trying another method. 

Remember, this feeling is always temporary. 

What are your tips for fighting bouts of depression?


33 thoughts on “8 Things To Do When Depression Hits Hard

  1. Spot on writing and being in tune with your reader. You just described my life right now. It’ll be different soon, I know. But, in the meantime, I like your tips.

  2. I don’t suffer with depression but I suffer with anxiety and found this post relatable. I am going to bookmark this post for when I lose that motivation to get things done. Some days it can be bad where I don’t remove my make up before bed. I know that sounds silly but that’s a big thing for me.
    Thank you for sharing this. Xxxxxxxx


    1. I’m really glad you were able to find this useful. That doesn’t sound silly at all! Once your anxiety keeps you from doing the self-care basics, you know something is up and that you need to get yourself back on track.

    2. I make myself go out and run—no matter how slow or short the run is. I am trying to train myself to choose what is best for me and not what I ‘feel’ like doing or not doing. I recently heard a song called ‘Worthy’ by the Adams Lake Band, and highly recommend it.

    1. I completely understand, Rebecca. It can feel physically impossible. If you ever need to chat, PLEASE reach out! xxx

  3. These are very helpful tips, depression is hitting hard for me right now and I definitely needed to be reminded of some of these. Thank you!

  4. It is SO IMPORTANT to own up to it when you are depressed!
    That is always what delays my recovery, because i simply do not want to deal with it.
    I also find writing about my mental health very useful.
    Really good post!
    Ernie xo

    1. Thanks, Ernie! I tend to avoid mine too. It just seems like so much to deal with sometimes, but the sooner you face it, the sooner you can try to beat it!

  5. I really need this some day. I’m going to print this out and put it near my bed. While I hate that I need it, I also make sure to take my meds. I think this is part of owning it and acknowledging the issue. But I remember that I may have depression, but depression DOES NOT HAVE ME!

    1. Yes, Sara! That is such a great attitude to have, and I completely understand. There are some days where I literally feel fine. No depression, no anxiety, and I start to wonder… am I getting better?? Then, it hits again. It’s a tough thing to admit, but necessary.

      Thank you so much for reading, and I’m really glad you enjoyed the article.

  6. I have trouble waking up in the morning. I just want to stay in my comfort zone. but when i wake up late in the morning, I feel guilty and embarassed. i feel like a failure.

    1. I completely understand how that feels. The easiest thing you can do is stay in and hide away where you feel safest, but that certainly won’t lead to growth. Just remember to keep pushing and push yourself just a bit farther every day. Best of luck!

  7. Thank you! I think I need to print this advice and put it next to my bed to read in the mornings. Some days are so hard.

    1. Some days are definitely very hard. I’m really glad you found my advice useful. Best of luck & thank you for reading!

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