Bubble Baths, Life Changes, & Friends​

I normally write my recap posts on Thursdays, so they’re all set for Friday morning, but it just didn’t happen yesterday. But, I’ve got my Netflix in the background for noise, my hot chocolate is right here next to me, and I’m feeling calm, so I’m ready to go. 

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I woke up last Friday feeling extremely anxious. I stayed in bed for a while before getting showered and ready for the day, and then I stopped at the pharmacy. It was nasty and snowy out, so I made it quick! My heart was racing all morning, and my breathing was rapid, but I focused on deep breathing and a calming mood, so I didn’t have any attacks. Deep breathing is a serious game-changer when it comes to panic/anxiety attacks. 

By afternoon, the anxiety faded and I stayed focused entirely on my work until later in the evening. I managed to get a ton of work done in a short amount of time. I spent the latter part of the evening with Will and then I slept like a baby that night. I will mention that I didn’t do an act of self-love on Friday. 

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Saturday ended up being a really rough day at work. It’s one of my biggest triggers of anxiety right now, but tomorrow is my last day at this location, so hopefully, I’ll see a significant change in my anxiety soon. I had an attack start creeping up on me shortly before I left work when I just felt so unsure and overwhelmed, but I immediately started my deep breaths, and it disappeared. Whenever I get an attack under control before it even starts, I feel so powerful. It’s a really awesome feeling since anxiety can make you feel so powerless the majority of the time. 

Even though it was a rough day mentally, I still managed to come home and get a lot of work done again. That was a huge accomplishment for me because typically I’d come home, shut down, and fall asleep, but I kept myself focused. 

Saturday was my second day in a row without an act of self-love, and I know it made things more difficult for me. My Self-Love Challenge really makes a difference!


I had a restless night, and I woke up really sore on Sunday morning, but I was determined to get a lot of work done and focus on a lot of self-care. 

I had a Simple Truth Organic vanilla bean yogurt mixed with chocolate flavored protein powder and granola. After that, I went to the gym with my mom and hopped on the treadmill for an hour. I did feel really good to go back! After the gym, we stopped for breakfast. We had a really good time and productive talk. It was nice to finally catch up and open back up to my mom again. Since my anxiety and depression have been taking over so bad lately, I’ve really shut down, so Sunday was a game-changer. 


After breakfast, I came home and showered off from the gym and then had to run to the pet store. I got a fish tank back in October (I was bored) and I finally just started to grow allgae, so I bought a tiny little algae eater to add in. I really tried to get work done in the afternoon, but there was just so much happening around the house that it made it impossible to focus and put myself in the zone to knock some things off of my list. 

I felt an anxiety attack coming on around 11 o’clock Sunday night, but I got it under control on my own, but I still barely slept at all. 

On Monday I had to work, and I was really nervous and anxious. I was about to put my two-week notice in at work, and because things have been so bad, I was freaked out by the repercussions. Even management has been unprofessional and spiteful, so my anxiety just wasn’t good. In fact, it still isn’t doing well, but hopefully, things are going to turn out for the best. 

I was really looking forward to getting out of work that day. I went home to shower and get ready to head out to dinner with a couple friends. I love catching up with these two! We sat in the restaurant chatting for a few hours, and then once I got home, I headed straight to bed. I was exhausted, and I slept so well that night. 


Tuesday was another morning waking up with anxiety. I immediately started with deep breathing, and I text Krystal about how I was feeling. It was so helpful. Having someone in my life who really understands exactly how I’m feeling, even when it’s irrational, is so incredible. 

I had bouts of anxiety throughout the day, but nothing terrible, so it was a pretty easy day. I came home from work, ate, showered, worked, and then relaxed before bed. I was exhausted, but I still barely managed to sleep. 

I’ve been thinking about a ton of tips I’ve heard of for better sleep, so I want to put a list together and start giving them a try as a part of a new evening routine for self-care. Once I get something set in stone that really works, I’ll put a post together and share. 

I actually ended up having a really good day at work on Wednesday. I was a little anxious about it, but it went fine. 


After work, I headed home to get showered and ready for the night. I went out to dinner with Krystal for a couple hours, and that is ALWAYS a good time. We had some good food, margaritas, and a lot of laughs. Once we were done, we headed back to work to wait for Will to finish up so that he and I could spend some time together after. 

Part of me likes working with my boyfriend and best friend because of the obvious convenience factor, but the majority of me hates it. I haven’t been able to rely enough on myself with having them both so close all the time. I need that distance and that separation in order to grow as an individual. I know that I’m in a really toxic environment right now and even though change is scary, it’s necessary. 

Will and I had a really relaxing time together once he got out of work. We really haven’t been able to spend much time together over the past couple of weeks, so it was nice. I didn’t get home until after 1 AM and passed right out. I slept like a baby!


As you probably know, Thursdays are my favorite day! I woke up and laid in bed for a little while writing my to-do list for the day on my phone, checking social media notifications, and responding to messages. 

After that was done, I got up and let the dogs out, made hot chocolate, lit my sweet pea candle, and got to work. My big priority was writing yesterday’s Grammarly post! I can’t believe how many excellent opportunities I’ve received in the past week, and Grammarly was one of the biggest ones. I absolutely LOVE this program, and I was so excited to share it with my readers. 


Later, in the early afternoon, I had some mid-day me time; a hot bubble bath, a good book, and of course, my candle! I kept that baby lit all day long. There is something so soothing about candles. And, I’m really working on getting this book done before the end of the month. I want to start incorporating a monthly book review onto the blog. 


After my bath, I made mango ginger tea with half a lemon squeezed in there. It was so flavorful! This is a perfect substitute for when I have a craving for pop. Lemons are a miracle worker. I sipped my tea while I got back to work. I needed to take a shower but had to wait for the water to heat back up after my bath.


While I was working and waiting, I used my avocado & oatmeal purifying clay mask. Face masks are one of my favorite things now! This one had a fun tingle to it. Shortly after my shower, I had a nasty headache set in, and I suddenly got super tired, so I crawled into bed and ended up passing out for the night! 

I know that the next week or two is going to be tough. I’m going to have some changes happening, but it’s all for the best! 

Questions For You:

Do you use anything for background noise while you work on your to-do list?
Do you have any tips for better sleep?
What’s your favorite face mask to use?


14 thoughts on “Bubble Baths, Life Changes, & Friends​

  1. What a great post idea. From another anxiety sufferer it makes me so sad to remember that other people suffer with it. As you say it can make you feel so powerless. You’re ace though and I am going to check out your self love challenge. Thank you for sharing this with us, it’s also another massive fingers up to the anxiety. Talking about it gives it less of that power. Lots of love!!!!

    Also that mango tea sounds amazing especially with the lemon! Xxxxx


    1. I love connecting with other sufferers and sharing my story! Thank you for all the love! And girl, that tea is so good!!

  2. I also find it so hard not to just shut down when I get home from a long day! I normally sink into sadness and sleep for a couple hours. Such a good accomplishment when I manage not to – good for you girl! xoxo

    1. It is tough! And it has such an effect on my sleep habits! They’re getting better though! Thanks for reading!

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