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I planned on stopping at the grocery store for lemons, hot chocolate, and a new mug, but I ended up doing a full grocery shop. I went for (mostly) healthy options, and I picked a lot of new items I wanted to try out, so I wanted to share! 

We all know that physical health is a great step to take towards better mental health. I took a step towards better health when I went to CVS, but this time I hit Kroger. 

Here’s what I grabbed:


  • 4 cups of Simple Truth Greek nonfat yogurt; vanilla bean, blueberry, & strawberry. 
  • Back to Nature gluten-free dark chocolate delight granola – this will be yummy to mix with my yogurt!
  • Applegate chicken & apple sausage; one of my favorite breakfast options!
  • Organic choco chimps cereal – I’m a total sucker for cereal. I could literally live off of it which is exactly why I never buy it, so I bought a healthier option. 


  • These grilled chicken strips and patties were on closeout, so I grabbed two bags of each for dinner recipes and salads. I love easy!


  • There’s already some fruit at the house, but I grabbed some more clementines. They’re perfect for snacking
  • Lemons – for my tea and water
  • Pineapple
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce


  • Simple Truth Organic honey bbq sauce – I love adding bbq sauce to my chicken before I throw it in a salad
  • Pretzels – great for snacking and a crunchy salad topping
  • Cheese & garlic croutons


  • Dark hot chocolate – my daily indulgence
  • Mango ginger tea – I’m always adding to my tea collection
  • Bai; blueberry, strawberry lemonade, peach, & mango


  • 2 Simple Truth Organic chocolate bars; dark chocolate & dark chocolate with sea salt
  • 4 Quest bars; chocolate peanut butter & chocolate brownie


I don’t know what it is about grocery shopping, but it is so relaxing to me. 

What are your favorite grocery shop finds?


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