New Year’s Eve, Self-Love, & Eats

Happy Friday! 

So today is day 5 of my Self-Love Instagram Challenge, and I must say… it’s working! I feel lighter, more at ease, and more rested. My anxiety has even lessened a bit, and I’ve slept through the night the past two nights in a row! It’s like a new year miracle! But, I’ll get into all the details of what I’ve been doing during my recap! So, here we go! 


Last Friday I literally worked from home all day long and posted my last recap post. This is why I love Fridays so much! This blog is my baby and putting so much hard work into it is making me so happy. 

Now, Saturday was not a day that I’m proud of, but the point of this blog is to share the reality of anxiety. And on Saturday, reality hit HARD. I want to be as transparent as possible with my readers and share my struggle, so here it goes. Saturday was a strong trigger day for me, and unfortunately, I didn’t handle it very well at all. I ended up going through the day as a complete zombie at work (medicated). I’m not proud of the decision I made, but I made it, and it got me through the day. 

Once I got home from work, I ate a really early dinner and was able to myself closer to normal, but I still stayed in bed until Sunday morning. Like I said, Saturday isn’t a day I’m proud of, but it’s the truth. 


Sunday morning I woke up anxious and crampy. I stayed in bed far too long, but I made it out of bed and showered. After that, I started sipping on ice water and had grapefruit for breakfast. For the rest of the morning, I worked from home and had a small lunch later on. I didn’t have much of an appetite. 

I was on video chat with Will for a while before he went to work, and then I worked on my next book and my New Years post for the rest of the afternoon. I got ready to spend New Years with Will and then laid in bed for a while before having to head out for the evening. I was so tired and really wished I could have stayed in bed and just passed out. 

Unfortunately, New Year’s Eve ended up being a total bust and some things went wrong that prevented Will and I from being together until midnight, but it is what it is. 

I was home by about 11:40 and video chat with Will for the new year until about 12:30 before heading to bed and sleeping through the night. 

Something really great came out of that night though! You can read about it here

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Monday was actually an awesome day. I did so much thinking about everything that was said on New Year’s Eve, and while I was work, that was when I came up with the Self-Love Instagram Challenge

I also got to spend a lot of time with Krystal while I was at work and best friend time is always so helpful. When I got home from work I ate, relaxed, wrote my Self-Love post and then did my first self-love activity for my challenge. 


I filled the bathtub with hot water and bubbles, lit my sweet pea candle and turned out the light. Usually, I read while I’m taking a bath, but Monday was just for relaxing. I laid back, listened to the water, closed my eyes, and worked on my deep breathing. It was so soothing and a great end to my day. The bath made me so sleepy, so I went straight to bed. 

I slept for a few hours before anxiety pulled me from my sleep. Just a few minutes after I woke up, Will called, and I spent an hour chatting with him before heading back to bed. 

On Tuesday I woke up feeling a little off. I had slept through the rest of the night but had a lot of odd dreams. I got to work at 6:45 and made it until about 8:30 before dizziness hit. It went away after a little while and came back a little in the afternoon. As soon as I got out of work, I had to go to Secretary of State to renew my tabs (since I got that ticket…) We all hate doing that, but thankfully there’s an SOS in the same plaza as my work. 


I was there about an hour and 15 minutes before I was finally able to get out of there, but surprisingly enough, I was really calm the entire time even though the place was SUPER packed. I felt good when I got home, so it was time for my daily act of self-love. I made a mug of hot chocolate, put my pajamas on, and climbed into bed with Netflix. For the first time in a while, I craved that time to myself, and I was perfectly content. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep well that night, though. 


Wednesday was kind of a strange day for me. I got to work at 7 and a couple hours in I really wanted a donut for breakfast, but I resisted the urge and went for a protein bar and grapes instead. Later in the morning, I dealt with an anxiety trigger at work. Normally a situation like this would have caused a major issue for me, but I was able to be as rational as possible. I talked to Krystal (thank God we work together) and kept myself calm. 

Later on in the afternoon, when Will got to work he could tell something was off, but I explained that it was anxiety and I was working through it. We had originally planned on spending Thursday night together once he got off of work, but he really thought we needed some time together as soon as possible and thought it would help my anxiety, so he asked to move it up to Wednesday night. 

When I went to say goodbye to Will before leaving work, I finally opened up to him about what was getting to me. We had a really calm discussion about it, and he said he was really proud of me for being so calm and rational instead of losing my head. 

Once I got home, I started deep cleaning my bedroom as part of my self-love for the day. Cleaning and decluttering can make you feel so good! I worked through all of my Christmas clothes and got everything cleaned up and put away before relaxing in bed with Netflix until I left to hang out with Will. 

I had slight anxiety, but worked through it in no time and ended up having a really great night. When I got home, I ended up sleeping through the night!


I was a little overwhelmed yesterday morning when I woke up. I wasn’t anxious at all, just overwhelmed by the number of things I wanted to accomplish. I stayed in bed for a while in my cozy pajamas and cat socks (a Christmas gift from Will), and then I hopped out of bed and wrote a very long to-do list. 



I worked at home all morning and got a lot accomplished.

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In the afternoon I made a run to CVS to pick a few things up. You can check that post out here. As soon as I got back home, I got right back to work. 

Spending all this time focusing on the things that make me happy has really helped with my anxiety lately. 


I made a really delicious and easy dinner. Barbeque chicken strips on top of brown rice. I think I may have the same thing again tonight! I showered, relaxed, and climbed into bed. One of my happy places is just relaxing in bed by myself. I might watch Netflix, read a book, study my Bible, pin on Pinterest, meditate, or just think. I love it. 

Questions for you:

How was your New Year’s Eve?
What is your favorite easy dinner?
What’s your favorite relaxing candle scent?




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