More VS Less: How to Face A New Year When You Have Anxiety

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time. Well, for people most it is. If you have anxiety, New Year’s Eve can leave you worried, lonely, and afraid of what the future might bring. Or maybe you have a party you promised to attend, but the thought of socializing is terrifying you. Or perhaps you feel like you should be socializing because that’s the normal thing to do on a night like tonight, but your anxiety just really wants you to stay home where you’re safe and comfortable.

It really makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

Yeah, mine too. 

On all of my blogs, I’ve always started the new year with a post about my goals. They’ve included a lot of numbers like how many Instagram followers I want to gain in the next year, or how many blog posts I want to publish in the next twelve months. But, those things just aren’t that important to me anymore now that I’ve finally found my “home” on the internet. I’m finally blogging as my real, honest self and my goals have changed. I’m not trying to be someone else anymore. Now I write about something that affects me every single day, and I’m able to connect with other people just like me. 

Instead of my typical goals for the new year, things are going to be different this time around. My most significant motivator is my mental health. Above all else, I want to grow as a woman, a daughter, a girlfriend, a sister, a worker, and a friend. The only way I can do that is by learning to love myself, rediscover my value as a human being, and become stronger than I’ve ever been.

So, here are my Mental Health Goals for 2018…

Less Laziness, More Walking

As much as I hate exercising, I know I always feel so much better when I’m done. But, I think I’ve found the secret to not hating it so much. Well, it’s not a secret, but I’ve finally gotten the facts through my head! You just need to find activities that you actually enjoy. My favorite thing to do is actually just go on walks. I like to walk by myself and listen to music and just think. It’s really calming for me, and it does ease my anxiety. You don’t need a two-hour long, sweaty workout at the crowded gym to get your body moving. Do a YouTube workout, yoga, or pushups in your bedroom. Whatever relaxes you, do it. 

Less Junk Food, More Natural Food

I want to learn more about how sugar and other processed junk effects mental health, but we all know it does. My big goal was always “lose weight, lose weight, lose weight!” But, I just don’t care so much about that anymore. I just want to be in a better mental state, and I know the other benefits, like physical health, will follow. 

Less Pop, More Tea & Water

I never really used to be a pop drinker, but in the last year it’s become my go-to, and I know that cannot be good for my mental health. I’ve already pulled out all of my tea and bought some new flavors, so I have options that are better for me. 

Less Clutter, More Clarity

I’ve always kept my room neat and organized, but the further into the black hole my mental illness takes me, the more disastrous and cluttered by space becomes. I want to make keeping my area neat and organized a bigger priority. It helps me feel lighter when my space isn’t in chaos. 

Less Netflix, More Reading, Writing, & Blogging

Netflix is awful. I turn Netflix on while I work because I like the noise, but then before I know it, I’ve watched three episodes of one of my shows. Or, I’ll turn it on before bed. Instead of always going to Netflix, I want to spend more time reading books, and really focusing on my blogging and my editing, giving it 100% of my attention. 

Less Worrying About Others, More Focusing On Me

One of my biggest triggers of anxiety is other people. Because of my fears, I struggle with not having control over others. But something I’ve come to learn, but still struggle with applying, is that I cannot control what other people do. All I can do is control my reaction to it. So one of my goals is focusing more on myself all around and accepting what comes at me. 

Less Restless Sleep, More Quality Sleep

Because of the anxiety and depression, I have the weirdest sleeping schedule. I feel like I sleep way too much, but not nearly enough. I really want to focus on getting solid, quality sleep this year. 

Less Phone Time, More Bubble Baths

I am way too attached to my phone, just like everyone else. Lately, I’ve been trying to keep my phone put away more often. We all know social media isn’t beneficial for anxiety. If it weren’t for my blog, and the necessity of social media, I’d delete my accounts permanently. I feel that spending less time attached to my phone will help me feel calmer and centered while I focus on “me time.” One of my favorite ways to spend “me time” is reading in a hot bubble bath. 

Less Worrying, More Praying

I’ve grown so much more reliant on God this year, but I’m nowhere near as close as I strive to be. When I begin growing anxious, there are times I turn to God and pray and the feelings either fade, or I have the strength to face it. Other times, the anxiety takes over immediately, and I don’t even consider God. I feel as though there is no turning back in those moments. I want to work on my habit of turning to God in every situation I am faced with, and learn to trust Him completely. This year, I will strengthen my faith. 

Less Hiding, More Socializing

Now, by socializing, I don’t mean going out to wild parties and making 30 new friendships. I just mean that I want to socialize more in my happy place. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that some of my comfortable places include spending time with my boyfriend, my mom, and my best friend, Krystal. I want to spend more quality time with them, especially after a hard day instead of crawling into bed and hiding. 

Here’s to a better year! Here’s to 2018!


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