Habitat Honduras: Cafe Rural Seis Valle’s & Cigars

The next morning we left the hotel an hour earlier than usual. We skipped breakfast at the hotel because we were eating at Cafe Rural Seis Valle’s; a coffee plantation. 


We were also getting a tour of the plantation before heading to the worksite. 


It was the cutest little shop. I loved all of the plants inside. 


The view was straight out of The Jungle Book. It was breathtaking, especially with the fog coming in. 



Before serving breakfast they brought fruit to the table; watermelon, cantaloupe, and mango. 


I ordered a cappuccino with breakfast as well. Everyone on the trip was obsessed with coffee and I’ve just never liked it. They were determined to get me to start drinking some sort of coffee before the end of the trip. I remember drinking french vanilla cappuccinos when I was younger so I decided to go for it. I really wish I was one of those people who liked coffee, but I just don’t! I drank about half the cappuccino and tossed the rest. It was adorable though!



I didn’t finish my breakfast and passed the rest down to one of the guys. We called him our garbage disposal. 



The tour is supposed to last about 2 hours, but we only went for an hour. We had a house to build!

The walking path was pretty scary at times. The path came pretty close to the mountain side. Then I hear our guide say, “If you see a snake, don’t touch it!” Because touching it was my first thought…

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Plantains and coffee beans. 



This little dog followed us around for quite a while. He just wanted some loving. 

It was so fun to look around the rainforest while we were on the tour. It was beautiful, but honestly, an hour was far too long. I was pretty thankful to head to work. It was really nice to see the owner and his son talk about how passionate they are what their work though. 


We worked a little later since we got to work late. And the re-barring was finished! Finally. My fingers were tired, but the sense of accomplishment felt awesome! 


Once we got back to the hotel and showered, we headed to the hotel dining room for dinner; tilapia, fried potatoes, corn, and tortillas. The tilapia was delicious. 


After dinner most of our group met up in the lobby and walked across the street to Mass. 


I ordered a Vodka Cranberry and it was so good. I don’t drink very often, but I was so glad I did that night. It was yummy and really refreshing after a long day. I ordered a second but I am a huge baby when it comes to the taste of alcohol and this one was far too strong. I had a couple sips and then just set it to the side. 

Our group started to play Heads Up, but I could feel myself introverting. I was really ready for some “me time.” I left some cash on the table and walked back to the hotel with one of the other girls. She and I are very similar in our introvert ways. We love to chat and laugh with everyone, but there comes a point where we need to recharge. Some people do recharge by hanging out with others, but I’m not one of those people. I recharge by curling up with a  good book, watching a funny movie, writing, or blogging. Something I can do in my own company. When I got back into my room I read Reckless until I fell asleep. 


The next morning after getting ready I went into the hall and laid on the couch to work on my phone. This had become my morning routine. After a quick breakfast at 7, we were off to work!


Thursday was the day we started mixing and pouring cement. It was such an interesting process to be a part of. I was pretty much in charge of shoveling the “ingredients” into wheelbarrows. I got a great arm workout on this trip!



We left work around 2:30 and drove an hour to a friend of Luis’.


She and her family roll cigars. 




We had a nice view of the clouds rolling in. 


I’m obsessed with palm trees… can you tell?


They also gave us little candies; caramels with coconut. They had a pretty acquired taste.



This was a drink that the woman shared with us. It tasted almost like hard cider, but she called it herbal tea. I’m not sure what it was… but it was pretty strong. 


I was beat when we got back and I knew I needed some alone time so I grabbed a snack from my bag and my book and I headed upstairs to find a comfy couch. I also used this time to call back home. 


After some downtime we went out for dinner. This sandwich was by far the best meal I had on this entire trip. I don’t remember where we got them, but I do know that I’d like another! It was perfection. 


And we got so spoiled with dessert! Tonight was Oreo cheesecake. 


We topped off the night with coffee after dinner. So I ordered a hot chocolate, of course! The presentation was so nice. I have to find this restaurant again!




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